What is EstateGuru ?

EstateGuru is a leading European online marketplace established by property and FinTech professionals facilitating short- and mid-term property loans to businesses. The cross-border marketplace offers flexible terms for borrowers and premium interest to its investors. The loans of EUR 50 000 - 3 000 000 facilitated through the EstateGuru platform are secured against property with a maximum LTV of 75%.

The mission of EstateGuru is to provide hassle free and flexible financing to property developers and entrepreneurs and diversified property backed cross-border investment opportunities to its international investor base.

To date EstateGuru has been growing more than 300% a year and is currently lending in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland and Finland. To date more than 475 loans in excess of €75 million have been facilitated to more than 14800 EstateGuru investors of different profile.

In the near future EstateGuru is launching the platform in the UK and Portugal.

Who is EstateGuru ?

All of us have a real estate guru within. The one that knows that real estate - whether it is your own apartment, a rental property or a development project - will always be one of the smartest investments you can make. The one that tells you, property is ‘as safe as houses’.

Unfortunately, connecting with your inner real estate guru has historically been the privilege of only the very wealthy and well informed.

EstateGuru breaks that barrier - now everybody can grow their assets, regardless of your knowledge, information or wealth. At EstateGuru you can start investing in secured property loans from as little as 50 euros, and get started straight away. Investors can start small and grow the investment portfolio any time. The largest diversified portolios on the platform exceed now 1 000 000 euros

EstateGuru brings together property owners, developers and entrepreneurs, with like-minded people who want to make their money grow in a secured way. Register today, and tap into your very own real estate guru.

How Does it Work?

A property owner, developer or entrepreneur proposes a business case for which they need funding. The professional team at EstateGuru will examine the application, and commission an independent valuation by a recognized third party.

If the independent review of the value of security, and the analysis of EstateGuru team's due diligence, including of the borrower business plan and exit strategy is positive, the loan will be opened for investment. Within ten days (often in minutes) of funding being successfully achieved through the platform, EstateGuru will set a charge on the property, releasing the funds to the borrower.

At EstateGuru Lenders earn interest on a monthly basis through the term of the loan, at rates that exceed most of the other investment vehicles. Borrowers can quickly and efficiently raise competitively priced capital to bring their projects to life. Asset backed investing and borrowing has never been easier.

Welcome to EstateGuru, where investors and borrowers alike, can get more, make more, and do more.

The story of a Co-founder

During the last 15 years I have understood what gets my pulse racing - property. During these years, the property market has certainly delivered on interest, challenge, and adrenaline. Living and thriving through economic crises taught me a lot about taking and managing risks in property investment- both in Estonia and other countries. As a developer and investor myself, I know there are situations when banks are not willing to lend money - even though the business plan is solid, and the security is strong.

In 2013 the idea of creating an alternative marketplace for short-term property loans was born. With the experience both as investor and developer, I co-founded EstateGuru with other property, finance and IT professionals - an online marketplace for secured property loans.

With the support of over 14 800 investors so far, we are now building the leading cross-border marketplace for short-and mid-term property loans currently for Europe. With the investors, borrowers and supporters who have joined us on our journey already, we are bridging the gaps in the property finance and capital markets industry to make it more transparent, flexible and accessible.

EstateGuru has often proven to be first choice for property developers and businesses who want to raise capital against their real estate assets and investors of different profile who are looking to build property backed diversified investment portfolios earning attractive returns.

Marek Pärtel

EstateGuru Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and Founding Partner of property development group "Invego" (Invego.ee)