Mes ieškome tikrų talentų, kurie padėtų pakeisti žmonių požiūrį į nekilnojamojo turto investicijas. Jei jaučiate aistrą programinei įrangai ir domitės tuo, kaip žmonės elgiasi su savo investicijomis, galite būti puikia mūsų komandos dalimi.

Internship at EstateGuru


School provides young people with academic knowledge, but true specialists are born from experience!
EstateGuru offers students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge from the fast-evolving FinTech sector and become a member of our young success-oriented team.

EstateGuru offers you:

  • Tasks accordingly to your skills and desires
  • Goal-oriented, supportive and positive team-members to guide and inspire you throughout your internship
  • Excellent self-development opportunities
  • Chance to participate in marketing, loan-management, business development, daily operations as well as bare witness on how strategic decisions are being made on the management level
  • Extensive knowledge and a first hand experience from the innovative FinTech industry
  • Modern working conditions
  • Flexible working hours
  • Real potential for career advancement in a fast moving market leading organisation and a chance to apply for a permanent position

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Kick-ass UI/UX designer!

PILNĄ DARBO DIENĄ - Tallinn, Estonia

Are you a creative UI/UX designer? Can you create compelling designs to captivate a global tech and finance audience? Do you want to be part of the Nordic leading FinTech startup? Do you always aspire in excellence in whatever you do? As a UX/UI Designer, you will make a significant impact on brand identity, building and refining user experiences. You will work to create a brand identity and define the communication mood with end-users. You will lead the creative design of our product, from wireframes to solution layouts.

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INTERNSHIP - Junior Consultant


Are you currently enrolled to a University programme and looking to gain experience in the business world? We are working on various opportunities that would be great for you!
We are the largest Baltic Real Estate marketplace lending platform (aka P2P lending or crowdfunding).
P2P lending is a "disruption industry" – using inefficiencies of Banks to improve access to finance for Companies. Over 4845+ individual Investors have invested on our Platform and helped Businesses to receive financing when Banks are slow or not interested. All investments are secured by mortgages to existing Real Estate. 75+ projects funded with total volume over 12 Million EURO.

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