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EstateGuru Security Agent press release


We wish to announce that Tanel Kalaus, who is the management board member of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ and, as an attorney-at-law, also the partner of Jesse & Kalaus Attorneys, the current sole shareholder of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ, will join as of 1 June 2018 the ranks of Law Firm TRINITI together with his colleagues Eli Lahesoo and Birgitta Ots. Law Firm TRINITI shall also become the sole shareholder of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ.

This means that there will be no changes with respect to the activities or the mortgages held by Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ as the security agent for EstateGuru. All previous agreements shall remain in force and also the people who have represented Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ shall remain the same. On the other hand, in the future Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ shall, in addition to its current know-how, have also access to the knowledge of the specialists of Law Firm TRINITI.


TRINITI is a Pan-Baltic business law firm providing the full scope of legal advice for our commercial clients. Our cross-border practice groups consist of seasoned law professionals and leaders in their field serving clients in 8 working languages as a one-stop agency in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

EstateGuru secures its first institutional credit line from a German bank.



In March 2018, EstateGuru signed the firm’s first institutional credit line with Germany based Varengold Bank AG.


EstateGuru, the European leading cross-border marketplace for short-term property loans has secured its first institutional credit line to be invested into loans originated in the Baltic market.


EstateGuru CEO and co-founder Marek Pärtel comments: ²Establishing the EstateGuru - Varengold cooperation is a proof of having found a mutually beneficial cooperation model between a traditional financial institution and a fintech company. This is a clear sign that building a diversified portfolio of property backed loans is a very appealing instrument for institutional investors. Our Pan-European retail investor base is still the main source of capital. However, establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank and other institutional investors enables EstateGuru to grow faster by offering a wider variety of property backed loans to our entire investor base and raise the flexibility of loan terms to our borrowers. Without a doubt it is an important milestone for EstateGuru in moving closer to our goal of becoming the leading provider of flexible property backed finance solutions in Europe. We still see many SME-s and property developers who are struggling to get property backed finance from traditional financial institutions due to highly regulated and lengthy processes. EstateGuru has a clear vision and roadmap to bridge the gaps left open in the property finance industry."


EststeGuru COO Mihkel Stamm adds: ²Establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank is an unprecedented assurance of the quality of EstateGuru’s business processes. The due diligence process was thorough and lengthy, during which Varengold’s representatives were convinced of EstateGuru’s product, procedures and the people behind the business.“


Since the establishment in 2014 EstateGuru's investor base of over 11 000 investors have funded in excess of €50 million of secured property loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Spain with zero losses to investors to date. With the recent developments, including entering 2 new markets in 2018 Q1, establishing an institutional credit line and an ongoing equity round, the firm is setting goals for the next European markets, to establish its Pan-European reach in coming years.


About Varengold Bank AG


Varengold Bank AG is a German private bank, headquartered in Hamburg. Varengold is the leading provider of products and services to the Marketplace Lending Industry


Founded in 1995 as an asset management boutique seeking to offer individual and high-performing financial products for private and institutional clients. In 2013, Varengold was granted a commercial banking license when it transformed into to fully fledged commercial bank.


Varengold Bank AG is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) under number 109 520 and has been listed at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt since the 20th of March 2007 (ISIN DE0005479307, WKN 547930). Varengold Bank AG is also connected to the Compensatory Fund of German Banks (EdB).

EstateGuru funds its biggest ever P2P loan as it enters Finnish market


CROSS-BORDER European property lender EstateGuru has expanded into Finland after funding the platform’s biggest ever loan in the country’s capital.


The peer-to-peer platform, which previously only lent to Baltic countries but is open to European investors including those in the UK, provided a €1.65m (£1.4m) loan to a printing company in Helsinki.

The bridging loan was funded in less than two weeks by 1,233 investors from 41 countries.

“Our vision is to become Europe’s leading cross-border platform for short-term property loans and Finland is the next logical step in our expansion,” Marek Partel, chief executive of EstateGuru, said.

“EstateGuru has a significant community of Finnish investors and we are glad to be able to facilitate even more diversified investment opportunities, both in terms of type and location of collateral.”

It currently has offices in Estonia and Latvia, but Partel said EstateGuru plans to expand into the UK, Ireland and Spain this year.

EstateGuru has more than 10,300 investors from 45 countries, earning average interest of 12.5 per cent. It has funded almost €45m of loans.

EstateGuru is being audited by EY in 2018



EstateGuru team wishes everyone a successful and eventful 2018!

We hereby wish to inform you of EstateGuru's new partnership! In 2018, EstateGuru will be partnering up with Ernst & Young financial audit team to conduct audit on the firm's financial reports. Our goal has always been to build a platform with open communication and clear processes. We believe, that this partnership and the audit process will help us establish this goal and provide additional security to our investors. 

We will introduce the findings from the financial audit to our investors at the end of the year.

EstateGuru’s first defaulted loan was repaid to the investors



The peer-to-peer lending platform’s first defaulted loan – Toome avenue development loan – was repaid to all investors on 21th of November 2017 with all applicable interest, overdue charge and indemnity.


On 14th of November 2017 the firm announced its first defaulted loan and the loan collateral was put up for public auction. At the moment of announcing the auction the borrower’s opportunity to regain control of the property by repaying all loans before the successful end of the auction was expressed. The borrower used this right on 21th of November and the defaulted loan was recovered.


EstateGuru’s COO Mihkel Stamm expressed his opinion that the firm managed to solve the situation in the best possible way as all investors received their initial investment along with all applicable interest, indemnity and overdue charge. “Today we can say that the total return for Toome avenue development loan’s investors was 13.72%. We are confident that EstateGuru’s risk assessment model is working and in the current case the loan was refinanced by another financial institutional, which provides additional assurance towards the valuation report.”


Stamm explains that another important factor and motivation for borrowers to repay the loans is the low LTV, which currently is 58% on average. “The current loan was resolved in a positive manner thanks to EstateGuru’s active loan processing, risk management and the borrower’s cooperativeness. Despite this, the invesors should consider that the normal period for selling a collateral is 2-3 months and up to 6 months in more difficult cases.”


On 14th of December 2017 EstateGuru announced its first defaulted loan which was Toome avenue development loan that was financed on 28th of October 2015. The loan was financed by 294 investors. The loan was secured by a private house in Tallinn, a 6.26 hectare property in Keila parish and a 6.31 hectare property in Keila parish. The loan was EstateGuru’s first loan default in the firm’s history.


More information:

Mihkel Stamm

EstateGuru COO


phone (+372) 6412 777



EstateGuru is selling the collateral of its first defaulted loan


The Nordic peer-to-peer lending platform EstateGuru has taken possession of its first defaulted loan’s collateral and has started the sales process to regain investors’ funds.


In October, Toome avenue development loan in the amount €224,000 reached its maturity date, however the borrower had become insolvent and was therefore unable to repay the loan. EstateGuru’s COO Mihkel Stamm comments that the bailiff agent has declared an auction process that starts on 14th of November 2017 and has a starting price of €313,280. The collateral is a 544,7 m2 private house that is situated on a 1577 m2 property in Nõmme district Tallinn. The collateral has been valued by an accredited valuation company ERI Kinnisvara in the valuation of €440,000. The auction can be found on the following link:


“Toome avenue development loan is the first loan among all facilitated 220 loans during 3 years that has been declared defaulted, however a good thing is that our risk model is efficient and investors’ interests are covered. During the entire process, EstateGuru’s representatives have been in constant contact with the borrower who remains fully cooperative. The borrower has the chance to repay all debt and regain control over the property before the auction has ended,” Stamm adds.


As Stamm explains, the first default evidently illustrates the reason behind EstateGuru only facilitating property-backed loans. „In our current portfolio, the average loan to value ratio is 58%. This means that in case the borrower becomes insolvent EstateGuru has a strong chance to regain all investors’ funds through selling the collateral property. In this particular case we have informed the EstateGuru security agent and the selling process has been taken over by our partnering bailiff agent. EstateGuru team is confident that the proceedings from the sales process will be sufficient to cover the entire cumulative debt.“


Toome avenue development loan was funded on 28th of October 2015 and the loan was financed by 294 investors. The loan collaterals are a private house in Nõmme, a 6,26 hectare property in Keila parish and a 6,31 hectare property in Keila parish.


EstateGuru is Baltic’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform created by property professionals. The firm is focused on facilitating short-term property-backed business loans. EstateGuru offers flexible terms and fast processing for its borrowers and great investment opportunities for its international investor base. The loan amounts vary between €50,000-€3,000,000 and the LTV can be maximum 75% of the collateral’s value.


EstateGuru is growing nearly 300% in a year and has opened offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. During the firm’s 3 years in the market, more than 200 loans amounting to €35 million have been facilitated. Estateguru has an international investor community of more than 8500 members.

EstateGuru's loan originations top €30 million


Crowdfund Insider's article

Following the peer to peer lenders most successful month in August, the EstateGuru’s loan volume has now exceeded €30 million. EstateGuru is an Estonia-based online marketplace for secured property loans.

According to information provided by EstateGuru, in August the platform’s originations was nearly €4 million. As of September, EstateGuru said it currently has 7900 investors from 39 countries.

EstateGuru’s CEO Marek Pärtel said that in the near future they are expecting strong growth in EstateGuru’s loan volumes which is a result of both opening new markets and improving operations in the Baltics.

“We are content with the results of August, as growing loan volumes are an indication of the growing trust from investors towards EstateGuru’s team and business model,” said Pärtel. “We are convinced that EstateGuru is a means to solve a rapid problem in the real estate and investment field and therefore we believe that our community will keep on growing as more investors and borrower intend to make use of the platform’s services.”

According to the Pärtel, the firm is having ongoing discussions with institutional investors to cover the growing loan volumes.

“As of now, we have nearly €10 million worth of loans in the upcoming loan pipeline. When in August 2016 we celebrated achieving €10 million loan volume then now nearly 1 year later we have seen twice as high growth in loan volume – €20 million in the past year.”

EstateGuru says that due to the short-term nature of their loans, 70 loans worth €12 million have already been repaid to the investors, resulting in a 12.4% aggregate rate of return. Meanwhile, EstateGuru says it has experienced no loss of capital on the platform.


EstateGuru’s Investors have Earned 1 Million Interest Revenue!


EstateGuru’s nearly 6900 investors from 39 countries have earned over €1 million income from their investments on the platform. The platform’s average historic interest since 2014 is currently at the level of 12.63%. Also, there has been no loss of capital on the platform.

The company has fulfilled many goals during the first half of the year. At the end of March, the company celebrated having facilitated 20 million worth of loans through the platform. The company’s CEO Marek Pärtel comments: “EstateGuru’s goal has always been to protect the investors’ funds and to offer them great returns while investing into hard tangible real estate in different geographic areas. Real estate is an asset class that is not accessible to many due to high barriers of entry or insufficient information. EstateGuru’s innovative business model and international team consisting of real estate professionals makes real estate investments available for a wider public!

EstateGuru is a peer-to-peer lending platform which is specialized in facilitating secured business loans in the three Baltic states. Investing into the platform’s secured investment opportunities is enabled for everyone who owns a bank account in any of the EEA member states or Switzerland. Pärtel adds: “During this year, we are aiming to enter a couple or bigger markets which we have prepared for nearly a year now. Constantly increasing investment amounts and the high yield investors have earned during the past 3 years have generated an interest to invest into EstateGuru’s loans for several institutional investors. This is a clear sign of trust towards our risk management. Including bigger investors gives us the possibility to expand in a faster manner and offer our investors even more investment opportunities.

Platform’s 6900 investors, of whom roughly 70% are from Estonia, have funded 135 loans and 50 loans have already been successfully repaid. Minimum investment on the platform is €50, however the biggest portfolios exceed €1,000,000.

EstateGuru Launches in Lithuania & Funds First Investment in the Market


Nordic peer-to-peer lending platform for property loans, EstateGuru, announced on Monday it launched in the Lithuanian market and funded its first investment in the area last month. The online lender claimed that the launch makes it the only platform to facilitate property-backed businesses loans in three countries.

Speaking about the launch, CEO and co-founder Marek Pärtel stated:

Lithuanians are the third biggest community of investors at EstateGuru and now they have the chance to invest into loans closer to them and our international investor base have even more options for diversification. The burgeoning Lithuanian real estate market is stable and mature while small and medium sized businesses are still often underserved by the banking sector like in many other European countries. With businesses already familiar with the concept of P2P lending and have been utilising this option for some time, this represents a ripe opportunity for EstateGuru to join.”

EstateGuru also reported that in addition to the newly added Lithuanian market, it is also providing secured real-estate loans in Estonia and Latvia, with several following destinations under preparation. Pärtel noted:

The platform has recently come through a series of major developments, including implementing the Auto Invest feature, launching the Latvian webpage, establishing a cooperation with one of the biggest software development companies in Eastern Europe, onboarding the first institutional investor and launching the Lithuanian market! In addition to the development process, EstateGuru will continue to offer the best solutions for its borrowers and great investment opportunities for its investors.”

EstateGuru added that since 2014, its more than 6500 investors from 39 countries have earned an average interest of 12.76% and over €20 million worth of loans has been funded on its platform.

March 2017: EstateGuru was biggest Business-P2P lender in Europe


In March EstateGuru was the biggest Business-P2P lender in Europe according to the Alt Fi rankings.

P2P lending: Auto Invest Launch at EstateGuru


For EstateGuru, January started leisurely with strategizing for the upcoming year and preparing new and interesting projects for our investors in both Estonia and abroad! During January, EstateGuru’s investors fully invested €986,300 worth of loans, however the notary transactions of 2 loans were pushed to February, therefore 4 loans worth €269,000 were funded. EstateGuru investors have earned more than€731,000 of interest revenue and the annual historic average of the platform (since 2014) is 13.22%. See more statistics here.

Auto Invest launch

In January, EstateGuru launched the new and convenient Auto Invest feature! Already216 investors have implemented the new automated tool to their investing practices and the amount is growing daily! EstateGuru’s last two loans, Lauka development loan and Ravi street development loan, were respectively 27% and 29% funded through the Auto Invest.


What will you gain from using the Auto Invest tool? 

  • Make sure you do not miss out on another great investment opportunity due to high demand from the investors’ side. EstateGuru’s investments get fully invested fast, but Auto Invest will help make sure you get on board!
  • Re-invest your funds at the earliest opportunity suitable for you, to ensure you earn the maximum return from your committed funds.
  • Build a diversified portfolio that is divided between investments according to criterias that are chosen by you! All the investments in your EstateGuru portfolio are hand-selected by a professional team who stands for the success of your investments!


EstateGuru Reports: Average History Return Reaches Highest In December 2016


EstateGuru, a peer to peer lender based in Estonia, announced on Thursday its average historic return reached the level 13.4% (since December 2014), which the platform claims to be the highest return among crowdfunding platforms for secured property loans.

The online lender’s founder and CEO Marek Pärtel revealed within the last two operational years; EstateGuru has offered its investors the chance to invest in nearly 100 secured property loans with a record high annual average historic return of 13.4%. It was also reported that in comparison, some of Europe’s most popular and most established crowdfunding platforms like LendInvest, PropLend and Saving Stream have an annual average return of respectively 7.06%, 9.39%, and 12%.

Pärtel then stated:

“EstateGuru has managed to offer its investors the best returns due to high-quality projects and additional bonuses (e.g when the loan is repaid earlier, the borrower is obligated to pay the minimum 3-4 months interest). Our platform allows both professional and still experimenting investors earn equally great returns. Moreover, our more eager investors can take advantage of our affiliate program.”


EstateGuru added its more than 5600 investors from 34 countries have earned a cumulative interest revenue €648,421 and more than €15 million worth of loans have been funded. Largest investment portfolios on the platform exceed €700,000, and the investors have not lost a single euro on the EstateGuru platform throughout its entire history. The lender claims its priority is to offer its investors secured and high-quality investment opportunities in Estonia and abroad.

EstateGuru at Baltic Real Estate Development Forum


On 26-27th of October International Real Estate Federation hosted the Baltic Real Estate Development Forum in Riga, Latvia. EstateGuru was represented at the event as CEO and co-founder Marek Pärtel participated in a panel where he introduced EstateGuru's future plans and his ideas on the development of the real estate sector. 

EstateGuru exhibiting at Lendit Europe 2016 !


Meet EstateGuru @LendIt Europe 2016
Where platforms and investors come to learn, network and do business
  10-11 October  at the InterContinental London—The O2
LendIt Story:
Since its founding, LendIt has hosted eight major events for the global lending community. Its mission: connect every major player, platform, investor and service provider in the space. In late 2012 Jason and Bo decided to launch a small gathering to meet other people in the P2P lending industry. They approached Peter, who at the time was the most widely known blogger in the P2P industry. The timing was perfect, and together they launched the inaugural LendIt conference in June 2013. The first event, held in New York City, exceeded their modest expectations, and they knew that they were at the start of something big. Today, LendIt draws an international audience to its conferences in New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Beijing.
EstateGuru @LendIt:
EstateGuru company Demo.
Tuesday October 11, 2016 12:35 - 12:45 
? Arora D


Expanding Across Borders in Continental Europe.
Jens Woloszczak, Spotcap; Antoni Airikkala, Fellow Finance; Tomoyuki Sugiyama, Crowdcredit; Marek Partel, EstateGuru; Moderator - Dietmar Helms, Hogan Lovells

Tuesday October 11, 2016 17:00 - 17:30 
? Arora B


P2P Lender EstateGuru Pushes into Latvia


EstateGuru is an online lender providing loans secured by real property for short to mid-term financing. During the past two years the platform has provided funding for over 65 projects by investors from 27 European countries.

EstateGuru co­founder and CEO Marek Pärtel stated;

“Being in real estate business for 15 years I have observed situations when the business plan has been solid, borrowers are experienced, however, the “computer says No”­ banks have decided not to fund the project. EstateGuru’s 4500 investors are always ready to fund promising business plans provided security is in place.”

EstateGuru’s shared their first deal in Latvia – up to a €430,000 loan that pays investors a 12.5% annual interest rate. The loan will provide bridge financing for pre­development of  Zentenes 19a, a residential project in Riga. The loan is expected to be repaid by refinancing it by the new capital structure or by selling the development project within 18 months after the construction permit has been issued.

EstateGuru states it is now the biggest P2P property lender in the Baltics. All loans are secured with a max loan to value of 75%.


Pärtel explains that the developers of Zentenes 19a project have extensive experience in property development from Baltics.

EstateGuru says it has provided successful funding for several “high­-end development projects”, the biggest being Mardi street residential development project in Tallinn city center (€2.2 million). Investors may participate for as little as €50 but EstateGuru says it has received €500,000 investments. The average loan sizes through the platform are said to be at €162,227, with the LTV (Loan to value) ratio being 58.62% and historical average returns of 11.77%. The average loan term is 14 months. To date, €3.4 million of loans provided has already been repaid and investors have received a total of €409,771 in interest. EstateGuru reports that no loans have defaulted to date an all repayments are on schedule.


EstateGuru reached an important milestone – loans provided through the platform surpassed €10 million!


In two years of operating EstateGuru has funded over 60 Estonian property projects with the aid of Estonian and foreign investors. 

Small and medium businesses, and property developers can find it particularly difficult to obtain bank loans to complete projects; even when their business plans are profitable and the borrowers themselves have extensive industry experience. The team are delighted that we have been able to help entrepreneurs bring their projects to life, created tens of new jobs and provide more than 4,300 investors an opportunity to safely invest in loans secured against property.

Despite low business turnover during the summer months, projects through the EstateGuru platform obtain fast financing. The existing record is €31,000 in 31 minutes! Average loan sizes through the platform are €162,227, with the LTV being 59.32% and historical average returns of 11.77%. To date €3.1 million from the loans provided has already been repaid and investors have received a total of €376,383 in interest. None of the loans have defaulted and all repayments are on schedule.

EstateGuru would like to personally thank all our investors who have entrusted their money that was invested in projects through the EstateGuru platform. EstateGuru will continue to strive hard to offer secure, profitable investment opportunities in Estonia and abroad.


Estate Guru Tops €10 Million in P2P Real Estate Lending


Estonia based EstateGuru has announced having surpassed €10 million in peer to peer lending for over 60 real estate projects. EstateGuru has been in operation for two years.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia – a country that has a vibrant startup scene, founders Marek Pärtel, Marko Arro and Kaspar Kaljuvee set out to create a debt based platform where smaller investors could finance loans secured against real property.

EstateGuru’s mission is to become the leading cross border property secured debt funding platform. Today the platform claims over 4300 investors from 27 different countries. The historical average return, as of today, stands at 11.77%. Average loan to value is pegged at 58.69%. The minimum investment is just €50 with the average investment standing at €1000. Average loan sizes through the platform are €162,227. To date €3.1 million from the loans provided has already been repaid and investors have received a total of €376,383 in interest. None of the loans have defaulted and all repayments are on schedule.

EstateGuru has a statistics page where you can view all of the data here.

Earlier this year, EstateGuru was recognized by FinanceEstonia and Deloitte for incorporating best practices in their operations.

EstateGuru reaches €10 million in loan volume


EstateGuru is an online peer-to-peer debt funding platform. In two years of operating EstateGuru has funded over 60 Estonian property projects with the aid of Estonian and foreign investors.

Despite low business turnover during the summer months, projects through the EstateGuru platform obtain fast financing. The existing record is €31,000 in 31 minutes! Average loan sizes through the platform are €162,227, with the LTV being 59.32% and historical average returns of 11.77%. To date €3.1 million from the loans provided has already been repaid and investors have received a total of €376,383 in interest. None of the loans have defaulted and all repayments are on schedule.

EstateGuru is an online peer-to-peer debt funding platform enabling physical and legal persons to invest in loans secured against properties, whilst obtaining capital direct from investors without the involvement of banks. EstateGuru’s mission is to become the leading cross border property secured debt funding platform with the aid of over 4300 investors. EstateGuru’s investors are from 27 countries with the majority being Estonian.

EstateGuru got Best Practice Quality label!


FinanceEstonia and law firm Deloitte Legal got ready with a crowdfunding best practice quality label which is meant to make the crowdfunding service more visible to clients and investors. 
It is also approved by the Estonian Ministry of Finance. The Ministry is helping to develop ideas about how the state regulations can help to support the crowdfunding system even more in the future.
EstateGuru was one of the first crowdfonding platforms to recieve best practice quality sign in Estonia.

EstateGuru CEO Marek Pärtel was a panelist in Prague P2P lending and Angel Summit


Last Wednesday, 09.03. EstateGuru CEO Marek Pärtel together with David Bradley-Ward form ABLRate and Carl Giannotta from Lendinvest  were a panelists in Prague P2P lending and Angel Summit. Common understanding was that P2P - asset backed lending is here to stay and is likely to grow dramatically in the coming years.

Panel Discussion – Business Focused Platforms

Borrower applications – is less detail better than more detail?

  • The information gap between borrower and lender

  • Unsecured versus secured lending

  • Real estate loans – just what does LTV really mean? 

  • David Bradley-Ward, CEO at ABLRate 

  • Carl Giannotta, Associate director at LendInvest 

  • Marek Pärtel, Co-founder of Estateguru 

  • Michael Sonenshine (moderator), CEO at SymCredit


Meet EstateGuru at World biggest Real Estate Exhibition at MIPIM 15-17.03 in Cannes!


MIPIM gathers the most influential international property players from all sectors for 4 days of networking, learning and transaction.

Watch the MIPIM video

Estateguru Invitation

21,400 participants
351 stands
89 countries
2,445 exhibiting companies
19,000M² exhibition area
4,800 investors

EstateGuru nominated for 2016 European FinTech Awards


ESTATEGURU IS P2P LENDING PLATFORM FOR SHORT- AND MID-TERM COMMERCIAL PROPERTY LOANS CURRENTLY LOCATED IN ESTONIA. EstateGuru is a P2P platform designed to facilitate loans process to real estate developers & companies. We connect developers, businesses and private individuals with lenders, enabling them to raise the necessary capital to finance their projects or to borrow against existing properties. At the same time, investors can earn 10-12% annual returns by investing in property-backed loans. Recently Banks tightened their lending criteria, and it remains difficult even for creditworthy companies with good projects and assets to source the capital they need. Problem is worse for commercial property loans and particularly for bridge loans. From Investors point of view, when banks are paying less than 1% on deposits, investing in real estate gives ideal mix of benefits: inflation security, collateral, simplicity, a good base for long-term savings. When direct investments in property require large amounts of capital, substantial time, knowledge – EstateGuru provide simple and accessible avenue for investors to earn 10-12 % returns on property backed loans. Support us by voting here:

Shaping the Future of Banking


On 3 February 2016 a group of leading fintech companies (including EstateGuru) from the Nordic-Baltics will participate in an inward mission to the UK organized by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Finextra at London and Partners and Mansion House.

Miljonär loodab ühisrahastusplatvormi kaudu saada pool miljonit eurot


Ehitusettevõtja Andres Koger kaasab EstateGuru ühisrahastusportaali kaudu arendustegevuseks 535 000 eurot, mille tagatiseks seatakse neljale juba valminud Mardi projekti korterile esimese järgu hüpoteek.

Andres Kogerile kuuluv arendusettevõte kaasab kapitali uute projektide jaoks, pakkudes tagatiseks juba väljaehitatud Mardi majade kortereid, teatas EstateGuru.

Mardi majad on terviklik keskkond Tallinna kesklinnas Stockmanni kaubamaja piirkonnas, kus on välja arendatud kokku 130 korterit, millest tänaseks on müümata vaid 20.

Eelmise nädala lõpus avatud investeerimisvõimalust on tänaseks kastutanud juba üle 120 investori ning projekt on avatud veel kümme päeva.

Investoritele pakutakse aastainteressiks 10% ning üle 10 000 euro investeerinutele lisab EstateGuru omalt poolt veel 1%. Laenuperiood on kuni 1 aasta ning laenu kaasatakse 1480 eurot iga tagatiseks seatava korteri ruutmeetri kohta.

Mardi projekt on EstateGuru ühisrahastusplatvormi 15. projekt. EstateGuru portaaliga on tänaseks liitunud üle 2000 kasutaja ning läbi selle on vahendatud ligi 2 miljoni euro ulatuses laene. Keskmiseks investoritele makstavaks intressiks on täna 11,9%.


World´s first crowdfunding campaign for Smart City expansion is launched in PAKRI, Estonia


PAKRI Science and Industrial park – the Smart City for greentech companies in Paldiski, Estonia is seeking the capital in total of 490 000 euros through EstateGuru crowdfunding platform. The aim of the investment is to use active crowdfunding to build and renovate innovative testing ground for new greentech technologies. After active 3 days of the campaign the project has already raised 40% of the total amount, showing the relevance and attractiveness of Smart City technologies in Estonia. PAKRI Smart-City CEO Enn Laansoo, Jr. says: “during the last 8 years we have been very open-minded for new innovative and crazy ideas, what make us and the whole concept of our park better and uniquely attractive. Just the idea to offer an opportunity to raise funds from local citizens and public market is very fascinating. It is a win-win project and I have also recommended my grandpa to invest securely in the development of Smart City concept a small sum of 50 euros and enjoy the low risk compared to regular pension funds. “ “To partner up with PAKRI was a great challenge for EstateGuru. The crowd has an opportunity to take part in the world’s first smart-city expansion funding, PAKRI can trial crowdfunding for it’s projects and EstateGuru gets traction and new investors to be able to fund even bigger projects in the future” says Marek Pärtel, CEO of EstateGuru. PAKRI Smart-City is using EstateGuru crowdfunding for a bridge loan to finance expanding of its activity by purchasing ca 5000m2 industrial building complexes in the City of Paldiski. This industrial and testing facility offers home for PAKRI Science and Industrial Park’s start-ups and existing companies, and is the corner platform for growing companies for another 400 000m2 of smart-city buildings. It has local heating system using renewables and PAKRI has invested into the first solar panels, which are already a part of larger PAKRI’s smart-grid. The next step is right away – the installation of smart-meters for analyzing electricity consumption by the clients and additional renewable equipment to supply more green energy for the clients, improving thus the working environment to support productivity increase of clients’ workers. PAKRI Smart-City (PAKRI), located in the City of Paldiski, Estonia is an innovative concept under development since 2007. Innovative concept between ca 60ha smart-city, ca 25MW own smart-grid and a science park for greentech (energy and environmental technology) sector. PAKRI Smart-City is developed by PAKRI Science and Industrial Park, whose vision is to become a leading greentech competence and green technology testing center in Northern-Europe by 2020. PAKRI Smart-City development gets support from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (home for Skype), which also has the Tehnopol 2.0 Smart-City project under development in the existing ca 20ha urban area campus in Tallinn. Estateguru is a crowdfunding platform in Estonia, having all property loans secured with real assets, which makes them the first marketplace for secured loans in the Nordic region. Nearly 1,000 investors are mostly from Estonia, Germany and the UK, but EstateGuru has registered investors from all over Europe and today is already seeking new markets in Europe to enter. An average interest rate for investors is 11.48% to date, average LTV is about 48%. PAKRI is currently making preparations for its smart-grid co-operatives with Estonian Development Fund (EDF). EDF’s investment company SmartGab latest successful investments exit was for example GrabCad, sold for $100M last year to an US-Israel company. PAKRI is already planning to use crowdfunding in the coming year to invest in the next 3,3MW wind turbine, smart-grid network and next building constructions. Total investment potential for PAKRI Smart-City is ca 300M eur and for PAKRI Smart-Grid – ca 50M eur.

Building a Pan-European Marketplace for Property Loans


By Ryan Weeks on 8th May 2015. EstateGuru is beginning to build up some significant traction in continental Europe. Estonia has emerged as an unexpected hub of alternative financing innovation. Frequent AltFi readers will already be familiar with the Estonian consumer lender Bondora and its earlier-stage, SME-focused rival Investly. The real estate space, as it happens, is also covered. EstateGuru has been making steady progress of late, with over 1,000 registered investors and some fairly large-ticket loans now arriving on the platform. For example, A €490k bridging loan is currently being sought by a local science and production park for the sake of expansion. And much like its P2P compatriots Bondora and Investly, EstateGuru is also eyeing up European expansion. Indeed, the platform already facilitates investment from across the EU, with the majority of its investors sourced from Estonia, Germany and the UK. We interviewed CEO Marek Pärtel to shine a light on how both the market and the EstateGuru platform have been developing.

Eestis loodi järjekordne kinnisvaraprojektide ühisrahastuskeskkond


Eestis käivitati kinnisvaraprojektide ühisrahastuskeskkond Estateguru, kus tavainimesed ja ettevõtted saavad väikeste summadega osaleda kinnisvarainvesteeringutes. Estateguru asutaja ja partneri Marek Pärteli sõnul võivad väikeinvestorid teenida oma investeeringult aastas 5 – 18 protsendilise tootluse. Esimeste objektidena pakub Estateguru investeerimist näiteks uude elamuarendusse Viimsis, ärihoonesse Tallinnas ning rendikorteritesse Lasnamäel. Estateguru asutaja ja partneri Marek Pärteli sõnul on EstateGuru eesmärk minna pankadest mööda ja viia kokku väikeinvestorid ning arendajad. “Tegemist on hooandja-laadse ühisrahastuse keskkonnaga, mis võimaldab era- ja juriidilistel isikutel investeerida kinnisvaraprojektidesse ja teenida igakuist korralikku intressi. Arendajad ja kinnisvara tagatisel laenajad saavad aga ligipääsu soodsatele laenuvõimalustele,” ütles Pärtel. "Maailma üks kindlaim varaklass on kinnisvara, kuid sellesse on kõrge sisenemishinna tõttu tavainimesel keeruline raha paigutada, sest näiteks 1000 euroga ju midagi osta ei saa. Läbi Estateguru platvormi saavad kinnisvara tagatisel investeerida kõik, kel vähemalt 50 eurot vaba raha," ütles Pärtel. EstateGuru eesmärk on järgmise aasta lõpuks saada rahastatud vähemalt 30 projekti. Tegemist on juba teise kinnisvarasse investeeriva ühisrahastusplatvormiga Eestis. Möödunud aasta lõpus Swedbank Investeerimisfondide juhi ametikoha maha pannud Loit Linnupõld hakkas pakkuma Eestis ühisinvesteerimise võimalust siinsesse kinnisvarasse ning rajas selleks platvormi Crowdestate. Crowdestate OÜ alustas tegevust juunis ning ainuüksi pooleteise kuu jooksul liitus Crowdestate‘iga ligi 600 kinnisvara ühisrahastamisest huvitatud inimest.

50 euroga kinnisvaraärisse: avati uus kinnisvaraprojektide ühisrahastuskeskkond


Eestis käivitati kinnisvaraprojektide ühisrahastuskeskkond Estateguru, kus tavainimesed ja ettevõtted saavad väikeste summadega käivitada kinnisvaraprojekte ja teenida oma investeeringult aastas 5 – 18 protsendilise tootluse. Esimeste objektidena on võimalik investeerida näiteks uude elamuarendusse Viimsis, ärihoonesse Tallinnas ning rendikorteritesse Lasnamäel. Estateguru asutaja ja partneri Marek Pärteli sõnul on EstateGuru eesmärk minna pankadest mööda ja viia kokku väikeinvestorid ning arendajad. “Tegemist on hooandja-laadse ühisrahastuse keskkonnaga, mis võimaldab era- ja juriidilistel isikutel investeerida kinnisvaraprojektidesse ja teenida igakuist korralikku intressi. Arendajad ja kinnisvara tagatisel laenajad saavad aga ligipääsu soodsatele laenuvõimalustele,” ütles Pärtel. Marek Pärteli sõnul seisab eestlaste pangaarvetel ligi kuus miljardit eurot, mida sööb iga kuu pangaintressidest kordades kõrgem inflatsioon. “Maailma üks kindlaim varaklass on kinnisvara, kuid sellesse on kõrge sisenemishinna tõttu tavainimesel keeruline raha paigutada, sest näiteks 1000 euroga ju midagi osta ei saa. Läbi Estateguru platvormi saavad kinnisvara tagatisel investeerida kõik, kel vähemalt 50 eurot vaba raha,” ütles Pärtel ja lisas, et portaalil on juba paarsada kasutajat ning investeeringu tegemine on lihtne ja võtab paar minutit. „Üritame pakkuda erineva sisu ja mahuga investeerimisobjekte, et investoril oleks võimalik valida ja oma riske hajutada,“ märkis Pärtel ja lisas, et mujal maailmas on kinnisvara ühisrahastamine järjest populaarsem ning selle maht ületab tänavu 10 miljardi dollari piiri. Kõik platvormi pakutavad investeerimisvõimalused on eelnevalt läbinud põhjaliku taustakontrolli nii tagatisvara väärtuse kui krediidikõlbulikkuse osas. EstateGuru keskkonnas tagatakse kõik laenud kinnisvara hüpoteegiga, mida hoiab investorite nimel sõltumatu tagatisagent. EstateGuru eesmärk on järgmise aasta lõpuks saada rahastatud vähemalt 30 projekti.

Estateguru osales ettekandega kinnisvarakonverentsil Tallinnas.


Estateguru osales portaali tutvustusega 12-13.04 kinnisvarakonerentsil investoritele Tallinnas. Kohal oli 130 inimest ning huvi uudse kinnisvara laenuportaali vastu oli suur. Estateguru plaanib portaali avada lähiajal. Estateguru.EU

Innovationen für die Immobilien-Welt


Wel­che In­no­va­tio­nen künf­tig die Ar­beits­wei­se in der Im­mo­bi­li­en­wirt­schaft ver­än­dern wer­den, war Thema einer Dis­kus­si­ons­run­de auf der Mipim. Ein Blick in die Zu­kunft? Marek Pärtel träumt von einer Immobilienwelt ohne Mittelsmänner und hat die Crowdfunding-Plattform gegründet. Bild: sma Marek Pär­tel träumt von einer Im­mo­bi­li­en­welt ohne Mit­tels­män­ner und hat die Crowd­fun­ding-Platt­form www.?estateguru.?eu ge­grün­det. Bild: sma Es war die letz­te Dis­kus­si­ons­run­de: Vier Stun­den vor Ende der Mipim, als die meis­ten Mes­se­be­su­cher schon längst auf dem Rück­weg in ihre Hei­mat waren, wurde im In­no­va­ti­on Forum in die Zu­kunft ge­blickt. Als erste Vi­si­on prä­sen­tier­te die Runde eine Im­mo­bi­li­en­wirt­schaft ohne Mak­ler, An­wäl­te und Ban­ker. Crowd­fun­ding hieß das Stich­wort, mit dem Mit­tels­män­ner künf­tig um­gan­gen und das Geld für Im­mo­bi­li­en­pro­jek­te di­rekt von In­ves­to­ren zu den Ent­wick­lern flie­ßen soll. Grün­der Marek Pär­tel hat mit sei­ner neuen Platt­form es­ta­te­gu­ru nun für Est­land den An­fang ge­macht: Mit einer Min­dest­ein­la­ge von 100 Euro kön­nen sich auch Klein­in­ves­to­ren an Im­mo­bi­li­en­pro­jek­ten be­tei­li­gen. Nach spä­tes­tens fünf Jah­ren er­hal­ten sie ihr Geld mit Zin­sen zu­rück. Vor­aus­ge­setzt, dass das Pro­jekt er­folg­reich ist. In­spi­riert haben Pär­tel Er­folgs­ge­schich­ten, in denen mehr als 150 Mio. USD für den Bau eines Hoch­hau­ses ge­sam­melt wur­den, wie z.B. in Ko­lum­bi­en. Eine kurze Ab­stim­mung per Hand­zei­chen zeig­te, dass der junge Grün­der das Herz des Pu­bli­kums im Sturm er­obert hatte. Die Idee, das Ge­sicht der ei­ge­nen Stadt nicht pau­schal über Steu­er­gel­der, son­dern ge­zielt über Ein­zel­pro­jek­te mit­zu­ge­stal­ten, hat of­fen­bar vie­len Zu­schau­ern ge­fal­len. Nur ein Mann um die 50 konn­te sich für das Kon­zept nicht er­wär­men. Er glaub­te nicht an Schwar­min­tel­li­genz, son­dern fürch­te­te viel­mehr die Dumm­heit der Masse - und dass diese wenig sinn­vol­le Pro­jek­te über sol­che Platt­for­men rea­li­sie­ren könn­te. Crowd­fun­ding ist nicht neu. In der Me­di­en- und Film­bran­che kommt diese Me­tho­de schon seit Jah­ren zum Ein­satz

MIPIM Special Report: 10 Must-Have Innovative Solutions


During Friday’s morning session at the MIPIM 2014 Innovation Forum, Carlo Ratti, director of MIT Senseable City Lab & Partner of Carlo Ratti Associati (Italy), Marek Partel, founding partner of Estateguru (Estonia), as well as four students from the ESSEC university in Paris discussed some of the most exciting, disruptive innovations impacting the real estate industry. The session was moderated by independent facilitator Peter Woodward of Quest Associates. Crowdfunding According to Partel, founding partner of EstateGuru (Estonia), there is a real estate guru in all of us, someone who knows that one of the safest ways to grow your wealth is investing in real estate. There is currently a limited availability of bank lending, which has led to a rising demand of alternative funding sources. Historically, however, real estate investments have been for the wealthy and privileged. Through crowdfunding, Estateguru, which is a community where the person next door rubs shoulders with owners and developers, plans to break these barriers. You can start lending with only 100 euro, Partel says. There is indeed a power in numbers and shared values, and nobody is alone in making all the big decisions!

MIPIM 2014 reserves some key debates for final day


MIPIM 2014 may be coming to a close but the global property fair has still reserved some key debates for its final day. At 10.00am this morning, in the Green Room in MIPIM’s Innovation Forum, the MIPIM 2014 wrap-up will attempt to summarise the key themes that have emerged over the four day fair. Panellists include Dr. Mahdi Mokrane, Head of European Strategy and Research, LaSalle Investment Management and Mary Fleischmann, President and CEO, The Counselors of Real Estate; the debate will be moderated by Erwan Quintin, Professor, Wisconsin School of Business. At 11.00am, another key conference continues the focus on innovation, proposing “Ten must-have innovative solutions”. Featuring Marek Partel, Founding Partner, Estateguru and Professor Carlo Ratti, Director, MIT Senseable City Lab & Partner, the discussion will be moderated by Peter Woodward, Lead Facilitator, Quest Associates.

EstateGuru at world biggest real estate show MIPIM.


There’s a real estate guru in all of us – someone who knows that one of the safest ways to grow your wealth is investing in real estate. Limited availability of bank lending has fuelled the demand and rise in alternative funding sources. Lower fees and interest as we are cutting out the middle man and investors will compete to drive down borrowing costs. EstateGuru is a community where the person next door rubs shoulders with owners and developers; there’s a power in numbers and shared values, and no-one is alone in making all the big decisions! will launch in March and is looking for lenders and cooperation partners around the World! See us also at "10 Must have innovative solutions" on Friday 14th March from 11.00 to 12.00 in the Green Room, MIPIM Innovation Forum (Gare Maritime)

Eesti kinnisvaraturul püüab kanda kinnitada uus interaktiivne kinnisvaraprojekt ja ühisrahasuskeskond Estateguru OÜ.


"Ilmselt olete kuulnud Hooandjast, Isepankurist ja Oma Rahast, kus inimesed saavad annetada või laenata väikseid summasid mingite ideede teostamiseks. Estateguru on samal ärimudelil põhinev kinnisvara laenukeskkond," selgitas OÜ Estateguru üks asutajaist Marek Pärtel eile Äripäeva kinnisvarakonverentsil.