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Sharing is caring, and it can be profitable too! Refer a friend to the platform and you’ll both earn a 0,5% bonus on all the investments they make during the first ninety days. Move through the levels by inviting more people, and earn increasingly awesome rewards.

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So how does it work?

You’ll find your unique referral link on your account page. Send it to your friends and remind them to use it while registering their account. Anyone who uses your link to register and invests (any amount) into a primary market project that reaches funded status, will be designated as a referral – so share it freely.

  • Get your referral link

    In order to become a part of our referral program, you’ll have to register with us. Once registered, share your personal referral link with as many people as you like.

  • Invite friends

    Invite your friends to register on Estateguru by sharing your unique referral link with them. Make sure they use your link when they register on Estateguru.

  • Earn bonus together

    Both you and your friend will receive a bonus amounting to 0.5% of the total confirmed investments they make into successfully funded projects during their first ninety days on the platform. Moreover, for every new referral you will receive milestone rewards as well.


The Rewards

In addition to the 0,5% bonuses you’ll receive with each new referee, there are €250 investment credits and an assortment of Estateguru branded gear up for grabs. Let’s go through them.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the investment credit is for persons taking part of the referral program to be able to test out our services. Please make sure to read the rules of the referral program on this website here.


Level 1

Get a €10 investment credit!

Invite one investor and you will receive a free €10 investment credit.

Level 2

Get another €10 investment credit!

Invite two investors and you will receive another €10 investment credit. In addition, you will receive a “No fee for withdrawals for 90 days” bonus as a reward.

Level 3

Receive a €30 investment credit!

Invite three investors and you will receive an extra €30 investment credit. This means that, for the first three levels, you will receive a total of €50 investment credit. With a total of €50 investment credit you can make a new investment on the Estateguru platform.

Level 4

Get a free T-Shirt!

Invite four investors and receive a free Estateguru T-shirt (free shipping).

Level 5

€5 (investment credit) for every new investor you refer!

Invite five investors and you will receive a special reward: €5 for every new investor that you invite to the Estateguru platform for the next 90 days. This special reward becomes active from the fifth invited investor.

Level 6

Get a free Hoodie!

Invite six investors and when they start investing on the platform, you’ll receive a free Estateguru Hoodie (free shipping).

Level 7

Get €100 investment credit!

Invite ten investors and you will receive a €100 investment credit.

Level 8

No fee for Secondary Market sales!

Invite fifteen investors and you will receive a special reward: No fee for Secondary Market sales for 90 days.

Level 9

Upgrade your cashback bonus!

Invite twenty investors and you will receive a special reward: a 0,75% referral cashback bonus. Additionally, the investors you referred will receive a 0,5% cashback bonus on the amount they invest during their first 90 days on the platform. If you are already receiving a Level 1 special award, you will receive 0,75% instead of a 0,5% cashback bonus. Level 1 and Level 10 special awards are not cumulative.

Level 10

€10 (investment credit) for every new investor you refer to Estateguru!

Invite twenty-five investors and you will receive a special reward: €10 for every new investor that you invite to the Estateguru platform for the next 90 days. This special reward
Is activated from the twenty-fifth invited investor. If you are already receiving a Level 5 special award, you will receive €10 instead of €5 for each new investor. Level 5 and Level 10 special awards are not cumulative.

The referral program lets you earn extra bonuses by inviting friends, acquaintances, and family members to join the platform.

To receive your bonus, you should share your personal referral code (EGU code) with the potential new investor.

A successful investor registration is counted when a new investor verifies their account and invests any amount into any of Estateguru projects that reaches "funded" status.

EstateGuru's loans are secured with real estate collateral and a mortgage that is established on the collateral property. Once the loan is fully invested, the borrower has to go to the notary office and enter into an agreement with the Security Agent to establish the mortgage. The mortgage will then be registered at the Land Register (with the Security Agent as mortgagee on behalf of the investors). The Security Agent is a separate limited liability company whose primary purpose is to hold securities for the benefit of investors making investments via EstateGuru.

An unsecured loan is a loan which does not have any collateral in place, such as land or apartment, and is solely based on a borrower’s credit history and potential ability to repay. Secured loans have assets as collateral so that if a borrower cannot repay the loan, EstateGuru's security agent will start the asset sales process. Hereby, the risk of losing the money lent to the borrower is minimized.

More about real estate collaterals can be found in EstateGuru's blog via the link

After the credit crunch and the resultant recession, the risk appetite of banks was reduced significantly, which means that banks have tightened their lending criteria. Banks have strict criteria, which is not borrower friendly, follows a very rigid funding structure, and thus many loan applications are rejected by banks. EstateGuru is a small and flexible organization which is willing to help companies that are denied financing by banks despite having a strong business plan and solid collateral.

Yes, the interest rate paid by the borrower is fixed throughout the loan period. The payment frequency and interest rate can vary depending on the loan. The interest rate can however be increased should the loan be prolonged for more than 6 months - in such instance interest rate is increased by 3%.

We do not pay interest on uninvested funds. To get the best return out of our marketplace you should invest your available funds into open loans to minimize cash drag. EstateGuru has an Auto Invest function which will take care of your investments without you having to worry about it.

"Pending" status indicates that the funds have been raised to finance the loan, however the notary transaction has not occurred yet. Normally the notary transaction will occur within 1 week from the end of the syndication period, however according to EstateGuru's loan terms the loan must be placed into "funded" status at the latest after 15 calendar days + 10 working days from the end of the syndication period.

Once a loan is in "fully invested" status and has not reached the notary transaction yet, all adequate investments are marked in investors' portfolios as "reserved" funds.

The return that you receive from borrowers or EstateGuru is gross income, which means that EstateGuru does not deduct any tax from the amount. All returns earned from loans are treated by tax authorities as investment income and is thus subject to income tax. EstateGuru does not provide tax-related advice and recommends that you turn to a local tax advisor for additional information.

The aim of the due diligence is to assess the company's ability to pay back the loan. We do a thorough investigation of the borrowers’ background, creditworthiness and current obligations. If applicable, the business plan and financial statements will also be investigated. As soon as the borrower is late in repaying an instalment, we will make contact on behalf of our investors to find out the reason behind the delay. In case of a delay, the borrower shall pay an indemnity specified in the general loan terms. When the borrower faces financial difficulties, we will try to find the best solution for both parties. If the borrower is unable to repay the loan, we will cooperate with our debt collection partners and security agent to recover the debt through selling the collateral via an auction that is organised by the bailiff agent.

EstateGuru is a facilitator of real estate investments, we do not offer the management of assets. All investment contracts are signed between the borrower and the investor, EstateGuru simply facilitates this transaction. All client funds are separated from EstateGuru’s operational funds. Should EstateGuru suffer financial difficulties or go bankrupt, client funds are safe and can still be accessed. In such an unlikely event, a contractual entity will be appointed to take over the role of EstateGuru to serve all the investments.

Owning an investment account via EstateGuru is free of charge. EstateGuru charges a 2% fee for selling claims via the Secondary Market (the fee is applied to the seller) and a €1 service fee which is calculated and charged every time an investor withdraws funds from the virtual account.

An “inactive account fee” is charged as contractual penalty to users who have deposited funds in their accounts but who have not made any new investments on the Primary or on the Secondary market for the last 12 months and who have no active loans in their portfolio. The fee will be applied monthly in case there is a positive balance on the user’s account. If the cash balance is €0 then the fee will not be applied. If the user makes an investment, the account status will be switched to active again.

All fees can be found in our price list.

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