Loans API documentation

This documentation will provide the steps to connect to the project endpoint to receive some up to date information about our loans/projects.


You will need a Authorization key and Client id to be able to send a request to the endpoint successfully.

Please add the Authorization token in the header of your request with the following format

 Authorization: Token <token>

As for the client-id please add it as a query parameter to your request:<client-id>

Request Rate

There are 3 plans to choose from for the request rate: (RPM* Request Per Minute)

·         Basic : 100RPM

·         Advanced: 250RPM

·         Premium: 1000RPM


·         200 – Successful response 

response example:



    "status": "string",

    "name": "string",

    "url": "string",

    "description": "string",

    "location": "string",

    "duration": 0,

    "image_url": "string",

    "return_on_investment": 0,

    "funding_achieved": 0,

    "funding_goal": 0,

    "currency_id": "string",

    "funding_start_date": "2021-08-09T06:27:16.117Z",

    "funding_end_date": "2021-08-09T06:27:16.117Z",

    "funded_date": "2021-08-09T06:27:16.117Z"



·         400 – Bad request – if “client-id” is not included in the query parameters.

·         401 – Unauthorized – Access token invalid ( Check your “Authorization” header and include your token like so -> Authorization: Token <token> )

·         403 – Forbidden – Request rate limit passed.

·         404 – Not found – “client-id” identifier not found in our system.

·         405 – Method not allowed – Only GET method is allowed.


You can filter the loan list with those key words included as query parameters:

·         status: Status of loan. (Possible values: “open”)

·         funded_date: Funding date of the project. Format: YYYY-MM-DD