Bring a friend, double your bonus!

February is the month of friendship, which is why you should invite your friend to join you on the road to financial freedom. Bring your friend to the EstateGuru platform and you will both win from it!


  • For every investor that you invite to join the EstateGuru platform, we will give a 1% referral bonus from his/her investments in the first month since registration to you both.


The bonus will be activated for all investors that sign up with your code from the 4th of February to the 4th of March. For 1 month since registration (maximum until the 31st March), you will receive a 1% bonus from your friend’s investments in case the loan gets funded. The same bonus is matched for your friend as well.

During the one-month period you will both receive a 0,5% regular referral bonus from the invested sum immediately after the invested project gets funded and at the end of the period, we will add another 0,5%. After one month has passed since registration, the regular 0,5% referral bonus will still apply for 2 months, on the same conditions as stated above.

Make sure to use this opportunity to recommend EstateGuru to your friends, as you both will be earning from it.

Read more about the referral program here.

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