September cashback campaign

Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to pick up some pace!

To motivate you to take a deeper look at your investment portfolio and make some updates and new investments, we will add a cashback bonus to some of our projects.
We are offering a 0,5% cashback on all investments starting from €1000, and a 1% cashback on all investments starting from €10 000 made into loans displaying the Cashback sign from August 28 till September 30 2019. If you invest into any of the loans with a Cashback sign and the project gets fully funded, you’ll get either 0,5% or 1% of the investment amount you made added to your investment account, depending on your investment size.
The project needs to be funded before October 10 of 2019 for it to qualify as part of this cashback campaign.

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