Spring cashback! A 0.5% bonus for your investments.

To celebrate the arrival of spring after the long winter months, we’re giving our investors a happy gift.


  • When you invest over €3000 in May 2019, we’ll give you a 0.5% cashback bonus on everything you invest over the initial €3000 until the end of May. 


For example, if you invest €5000, we’ll give you the cashback bonus for the €2000 excess i.e. €5000 – €3000 = €2000.

To qualify, simply select the projects you like, invest before the end of May and, once the loans are fully funded, we’ll credit your account with extra funds.

This campaign is active from 6 May until 31 May 2019. The over €3000 investment condition must be met during that time period to be eligible for the 0.5% bonus. Investments can be spread across multiple loans but must reach a total sum in excess of €3000 to qualify for the campaign. The bonus applies to all investments confirmed (funded) in May.

Don’t let your money sit in a savings account, losing value against inflation. Make it work for you and welcome the sunshine into your life and your finances.

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