Start the new year with Auto Invest Unlocked!

We’ve made it our mission in 2021 to help all our investors discover the ease of use and great benefits offered by EstateGuru’s Auto Invest feature.

If you’re frustrated about missing out on great investment opportunities because they’re fully funded too quickly or would simply like to sit back while your portfolio is automatically kept healthy and diversified, Auto Invest (AI) is the perfect solution.

To make it easier for you to try this feature, we’ve decided to unlock all criteria from just €50 per investment, rather than the usual €250, but for a limited time only.

Try out the full Auto Invest features

Between 4 January and 14 February you’ll be able to use the advanced selection criteria for any investment amount over €50. This means you can select whether you want to invest in loans with only first rank mortgages, only second rank, or all loan types.

You can also choose a minimum interest rate for your investments, select whether you want to invest in Stage Loans and Refinancing Loans and even which countries you would like to invest in. 

To get started, simply activate Auto Invest for your account. And if you’re already an Auto Invest user, you’ll also be able to take advantage of this lowered investment minimum during the campaign period.

On 14 February the campaign will end and your pre-campaign settings will be reinstated. All your investments made during the campaign period will remain valid.

Check out this guide on how to use Auto Invest 

Click here to activate Auto Invest Unlocked

DISCLAIMER. Between 4.1.2021 and 14.2.2021 all EstateGuru investors can use Auto Invest with advanced selection criteria starting from 50€. On 15.2.2021 Auto Invest will be reset and the advanced criteria will only be available from 250€. Investors who already used Auto Invest before 4.1.2021 and didn’t turn off their Auto Invest during 4.1.2021 – 14.2.2021 will have their old settings re-established automatically.


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