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  • Bank of Lithuania adds EstateGuru to crowdfunding operators list


    Bank of Lithuania adds EstateGuru to crowdfunding operators list  As of today, EstateGuru is officially listed as a crowdfunding operator in Lithuania. EstateGuru has facilitated 105 loans amounting to 20 million euros in Lithuania since 2017. “We’ve been operating in Lithuania since 2017 as our global investors have been looking for investment opportunities across the

  • A former Team Lead at e-Residency joins EstateGuru – Piret Reinson


    “I’m truly excited to join EstateGuru and be able to grow together with one of the coolest teams and start-ups of Estonia. The world has changed and will change even more, become more borderless, more financially inclusive, driven by communities. I’m happy to be part of that change and contribute to EstateGuru’s global growth ambition”,

  • EstateGuru investors can now see their investments on LHV internet bank


    LHV customers can now see their short term property loan investments on LHV internet bank. On the summary view of internet bank, besides public stock exchange investments, one can see also alternative investments like short term property loan investments and cryptocurrencies, thus making it possible to get a quick and comprehensive overview of one’s investment

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