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  • EstateGuru funds its biggest ever P2P loan as it enters Finnish market


    CROSS-BORDER European property lender EstateGuru has expanded into Finland after funding the platform’s biggest ever loan in the country’s capital. The peer-to-peer platform, which previously only lent to Baltic countries but is open to European investors including those in the UK, provided a €1.65m (£1.4m) loan to a printing company in Helsinki. The bridging loan

  • EstateGuru is being audited by EY in 2018


    EstateGuru team wishes everyone a successful and eventful 2018! We hereby wish to inform you of EstateGuru’s new partnership! In 2018, EstateGuru will be partnering up with Ernst & Young financial audit team to conduct audit on the firm’s financial reports. Our goal has always been to build a platform with open communication and clear

  • EstateGuru’s first defaulted loan was repaid to the investors


    The peer-to-peer lending platform’s first defaulted loan – Toome avenue development loan – was repaid to all investors on 21th of November 2017 with all applicable interest, overdue charge and indemnity. On 14th of November 2017 the firm announced its first defaulted loan and the loan collateal was put up for public auction. At the

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