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  • EstateGuru launches in Germany: Fast funding for SMEs, secured investing for everyone


    Berlin, November 19, 2020. EstateGuru, European leader in alternative financing, is launching its business in Germany. The platform specializes in providing easy and fast loans to SMEs looking for short-term credit for real estate developments, bridge loans and business loans. Via the EstateGuru platform, all loans are then offered to private and institutional investors that

  • EstateGuru Q3 results: One million investments facilitated


    A strong and fast recovery from the COVID-crisis in Spring has helped push EstateGuru to new monthly business records. In both August and September, EstateGuru saw monthly loan amounts of over €10 million, with €10,1M and €10,2M respectively. Another record reached was the number of investments done on the platform – 1 million investments have

  • EstateGuru officially launches in Finland


    EstateGuru, an international financial technology company and investment platform, starts operations in Finland in October 2020. Having grown into the largest operator in Europe, EstateGuru flexibly connects funding seekers and investors looking for a return on their capital. EstateGuru, with operations now in eight markets across Europe, launches its full-service offering in Finland for the

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