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  • EstateGuru’s first defaulted loan was repaid to the investors


    The peer-to-peer lending platform’s first defaulted loan – Toome avenue development loan – was repaid to all investors on 21th of November 2017 with all applicable interest, overdue charge and indemnity. On 14th of November 2017 the firm announced its first defaulted loan and the loan collateal was put up for public auction. At the

  • EstateGuru is selling the collateral of its first defaulted loan


    The Nordic peer-to-peer lending platform EstateGuru has taken possession of its first defaulted loan’s collateral and has started the sales process to regain investors’ funds. In October, Toome avenue development loan in the amount €224,000 reached its maturity date, however, the borrower had become insolvent and was therefore unable to repay the loan. EstateGuru’s COO

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