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  • How we are set up to protect your investments


    We at EstateGuru, like everyone else in the world right now, are closely following the extreme measures our governments are taking to protect their economies. There’s no doubt that life on the planet will change and we will do our best to ensure that it changes for the better. We believe that one of the

  • EstateGuru is financing its first project in Germany


    EstateGuru has just approved and published the first German project on its platform. “This is one of the most important milestones we have achieved to date as Germany is the biggest market with the most potential for EstateGuru to expand its operations. Although the biggest investor pool – 11 000 out of 45 000 –

  • Best Practise Label from FinanceEstonia


    We are happy to announce that EstateGuru has received a Best Practise Label from FinanceEstonia. Being a market leader gives us extra responsibility to work closely with regulators in all our operating countries and make sure that the sector is healthy and viable. Acting responsibly and supporting regulations is especially important in these turbulent times

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