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  • EstateGuru 2021 results: loan volumes increased by 69%, revenues 58%, new investors by 35% compared to 2020


    News provided by EstateGuru Group, January 25, 2022 2021 ended strongly on EstateGuru’s platform. All of our operating countries exceeded their business targets and the total funded amount for the year was €203M, which is a 69% increase when compared to 2020 (€120M). Current assets under management (AUM) amount to €220,3M as of the end

  • EstateGuru hits €500 million funded mark in record time


    EstateGuru, the pan-European property investing and financing platform, has funded €500M in loans as of today. The company, founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2013, officially funded its very first loan in January 2014. It hit the €100M mark after five years, in March 2019. This exponential growth was sustained when, in 2021, EstateGuru financed loans

  • EstateGuru Q3 results: revenues increased by 81% and loan volumes by 85%


    EstateGuru maintained stable loan volume growth throughout Q3. The platform saw an increase of 85% in Q3 when compared to the same period last year (from €28,4M to €52,6M) and revenues increased 81% (from €1M to €1,9M). The German market was the biggest contributor at €23,5M, followed by Estonia which accounted for €13,4M. We also

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