Help us make Christmas better for those in need

This year, we will not be giving away prizes, expensive corporate gifts, or hosting our regular Christmas tree hunt.

Instead, we have decided to live up to our slogan ‘Build your wealth, build a better world’, by donating a percentage of all our revenue from investments made over December to the United Nations Refugee Fund, to help those affected by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. And we’re making it really easy for you to help as well.

The details:

The UNHCR’s website explains how they are helping those affected by the invasion of Ukraine as follows: “Many vulnerable people inside the country are living in damaged homes or in buildings that are not suited to protect them from the harsh weather.

Outside Ukraine, refugees are facing their first winter away from home – many having left behind their families, support networks and winter essentials.

UNHCR teams are on the ground providing winter supplies, emergency cash assistance for the most vulnerable and helping reinforce homes and shelters against the harsh weather.”
To the people at Estateguru, this feels like the definition of building a better world, so during December, we will donate 0.5% of total company revenues from fully funded and issued loans in December 2022, to the UNHCR.

This means that each and every investment you make during the month will contribute to the fund, regardless of the size of your investment.

What do you need to do?

To take part in this Christmas charity drive, all you need to do is make a normal investment on Estateguru’s Primary Market between December 1 and December 31. The more you invest, the more we will gather for the fund, it’s that simple.

Of course, we encourage you to donate directly as well, which you can do here.

Legal details:

An investment will be considered as part of this charity fund if the loan is fully funded during the campaign period. Claims bought on the Secondary Market do not qualify as part of the amount calculated. We will calculate the total loan volume in the first week of January, and make the donation accordingly.