#8958 Bullet loan - Totoriu sodas

Vilnius, Lithuania
Asset Type
Collateral value
Loan Issued
Interest rate
Up to 69%
Loan type
Bullet loan
Collateral type
First rank mortgage
Issue date
11/2021 – 05/2022
12 months

Member of the board of the borrower provided a personal suretyship for the 100% of the mortgage amount.


Interest rate



Up to 69%


Project Summary

Asset description

The collateral consists of a 2,945.02m². commercial building under construction that will be sold as 25 luxury apartments.

The location of the project is one of the central streets of the Old Town, which, unusually, is away from the main flows of people, which is particularly important for the residents of the capital who live a busy life. The biggest unique feature of the project is the private garden in your backyard.

The vegetation of the garden has been planned so that the residents will be delighted by the blossom from early spring to late autumn: apple trees, Sakura trees, bonsai, hydrangeas, green hedges.

The project uses A+ class materials, a heat recovery ventilation system, air-conditioning, lifts from the car park to all floors, and windows with increased sound insulation on the street side to ensure maximum comfort and peace of mind. In addition, all apartments have underfloor heating with separate heating zones, A+ class wooden windows and high class, armored doors with wood décor.

Purpose of the loan
The development loan was used to finance the development project. 

Background and business plan/Exit strategy

The borrower has successfully developed several real estate projects. Including an apartment building (www.cozy-life.lt) and several smaller developments of semi-detached homes including Voveriu namai (https://www.capital.lt/lt/voveres-namu-kvartalas-pj1187). 95% of sellable area is already pre-sold.

Once the development is finished, the apartment sales will be notarized and the loan will be repaid.

Financial analysis
Company was a small company with average financial results. The full project consists of 25 apartments.

The total planned revenue from the project is €8,385,000. 19 apartments are sold and 4 reserved.

Credit summary
Credit risk was at medium level: great location, short loan-term as well as personal guarantees, however it as a development project with high LTV ratio.

Investor Presentation

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Risk Mitigation

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