We're here to help

At Estateguru we understand the value of giving investors and borrowers a personalized experience, which is why we’re always available to help should you have any questions regarding our marketplace, your account, and how to get the best out of both.

We’re here to help

At Estateguru we understand the value of giving investors and borrowers a personalized experience, which is why we’re always available to help should you have any questions regarding our marketplace, your account, and how to get the best out of both.

Our team is standing by to assist you should you have any questions or issues

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Frequently asked questions

EstateGuru aims to keep its investors updated via the loan update section, which can be found within the "update" section in the upper right panel when logged in. It is important to understand that EstateGuru posts updates as soon as we have significant and specific information to provide. For defaulted or late loans, we aim to publish an update in every 30 days.

If the borrower wants to extend the initial contractual loan period, Estateguru will investigate the reasons and assess the situation accordingly. All extension decisions go through a credit committee and are made in the interests of the investors and the borrowers. If the loan period is to be extended, the borrower will be obliged to pay a fee to cover additional documentation expenses. An extension of up to 3 months is allowed under the existing credit conditions. For an extension from 4 to 24 months, the interest rate will be increased as follows:

· 4-6 months +1%;

· 7-9 months +1%;

· 10-12 months +1%;

· 13-18 months + 1%;

· 19-24 months + 1%.

According to EstateGuru's user terms, early repayments are allowed and accepted without penalties. The schedules are automatically changed when there are some returns and due to earlier repayment, the interests are re-calculated. Interest is calculated solely for the period the funds were used by the borrower.

Estateguru charges 3-4% of the total loan amount in case of the successful funding process and a 0-2% annual administration fee. In case of a delay in the loan repayment, several penalty fees need to be paid by the borrower.

More information in our pricelist: Price list - Estateguru

Yes, we do offer loans secured by land, forest or other types of real estate.

LTV means Loan To Value and represents the ratio between the loan amount and the value of the collateral. The maximum LTV offered to the borrower is 75%.

The projected LTV represents an LTV figure that Estateguru's team is willing to offer for this particular project as a maximum. This indicates that within the upcoming stages of the loan the LTV of the loan might increase up to the projected LTV figure.

More information can be found here: Understanding stage loans and cumulative loan to value (LTV) ratios

Many developers face the challenge in which the current value of their development object does not enable them to raise the capital that is needed to complete the development object entirely. As Estateguru only lends against the current value of the collateral and not the future value, then for development loans we often use stage loans. This means that when the first investment round of an object enables the borrower to increase the collateral value of the property by developing the object further, then in the context of the given LTV the investment amount can increase via the next stages of the loan.

All loans are funded solely based on the current value of the object and a precondition for every stage is an updated valuation report and/or the cost report of the collateral or its construction.

Understanding stage loans and cumulative loan to value (LTV) ratios

The loan is in "open" status if the syndication period is ongoing and investing in the loan is still possible. Once the loan is full, the loan is placed to "fully invested" status.

A development loan is a loan that it used to finance the development's planning process or the development/construction of the property itself. A bridge loan is a short-term loan used to meet current obligations before securing a permanent financing option, enhancing the value of the property or selling the underlying asset. A business loan is a loan that is used to raise capital for supporting the day-to-day activities of the firm, business expansion, acquisition of equipment or goods, cover pending obligations (taxes, etc.). Despite the loan type, all Estateguru's loans are secured with a mortgage.

The list of required information and documentation includes but is not limited to information on the requested loan amount; loan period; interest and repayment schedule; description of the project – how the money will be used; description of the mortgage (location, condition); appraisal report; business plan; pictures of the collateral, information about the borrower's previous projects and introduction of the borrower. All documents can be uploaded in the loan application form.

Estateguru's loan managers will make contact with potential borrowers as soon as an inquiry or application has been submitted via our homepage. We will go through the loan application in detail and ask more questions or request additional documentation where necessary. It will take approximately 2-3 days to evaluate the application and create a loan application, assuming all documentation is in place. After the final credit committee confirmation the loan will be opened for investment on the marketplace.

The syndication process can take anything from a few minutes to up to 2 weeks. How fast the loan is funded depends mostly on the attractiveness and terms of the project and the loan amount.

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