• To change your bank account on the virtual platform you need to make a deposit from the new bank account first. This will enable us to verify your bank account. If the verified bank account belongs to the investor, the new bank account details are automatically saved on the virtual platform. When making future withdrawals, you can choose to which linked bank account you wish to conduct withdrawals.
  • Users are welcome to make their deposits to EstateGuru via SEPA payments, LHV bank link, but also through third party service providers such as Transferwise, Lemonway and Paysera. A user's first deposit is the means to verify the bank account, hence the first deposit needs to be done from the investor's personal bank account!
  • Once the funds have arrived in our bank account, they are allocated to your virtual account at regular intervals during the day, from Monday to Friday. At the weekends, this may take more time. How quickly the funds will be in your account depends mostly on which bank you use. Our experience shows that it usually takes 1 day in Estonia and 2-4 days in other countries.Should you have any concerns regarding transfers, do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help. All details required for making the payment can be found on our webpage under the contact section. Please note that only one bank account can be tied to your EstateGuru account. The withdrawals are only made to the account you have registering in the EstateGuru system. The bank account owner's name has to match the EstateGuru username to have the withdrawal accepted. These steps are required to ensure that your funds are not compromised, even if someone manages to get hold of your account access details.
  • Investors' money is held in a separate client money bank account. The account is separate from EstateGuru’s operational bank account and is protected in the unlikely event that anything happens with EstateGuru. Any uninvested money that is in your account can be withdrawn instantly. Disclaimer: during 2020 we are importing all user accounts to a third party service provider Lemonway. As a result, each investor will receive a personal IBAN code to use for your payments.