• EstateGuru does not charge any fees from deposits or withdrawals, however your home bank may apply fees for transfers according to the bank's price list. EstateGuru client money bank account is registered in LHV, making LHV transfers the cheapest.
  • Users are welcome to make their deposits to EstateGuru via SEPA payments, LHV bank link, but also through third party service providers such as Transferwise, Lemonway, Trustly and Paysera. A user's first deposit is the means to verify the bank account, hence the first deposit needs to be done from the investor's personal bank account!
  • Once the funds have arrived in our bank account, they are allocated to your virtual account at regular intervals during the day, from Monday to Friday. At the weekends, this may take more time. How quickly the funds will be in your account depends mostly on which bank you use. Our experience shows that it usually takes 1 day in Estonia and 2-4 days in other countries.Should you have any concerns regarding transfers, do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help. All details required for making the payment can be found on our webpage under the contact section. Please note that only one bank account can be tied to your EstateGuru account. The withdrawals are only made to the account you have registering in the EstateGuru system. The bank account owner's name has to match the EstateGuru username to have the withdrawal accepted. These steps are required to ensure that your funds are not compromised, even if someone manages to get hold of your account access details.
  • Investors' money is held in a separate LHV client bank account. The account is separate from EstateGuru’s operational bank account and is protected in the unlikely event that anything happens with EstateGuru. Any uninvested money that is in your account can be withdrawn instantly.
  • Trustly is a fast, simple and secure way for European consumers to pay directly from their bank account. In order to transfer funds through Trustly you only need to browse directly to the merchant's website where you would like to make a purchase/deposit. Then select Trustly among the payment options and follow the instructions prompted on the screen. The great thing about Trustly is that neither registration nor software installation is required. All you need is a valid bank account from which you can make your transactions directly. It is convenient, safe and simple. You simply login to your online bank as per normal and choose which bank account you would like to use.

  • Trustly is a Swedish licensed Payment Institution and holds a license according to PSD 2007/64/EG, which has been implemented into Swedish law by the Swedish Payment Service Act (2010:751). Trustly is under supervision by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is bound by strict regulations relating to processing of payments. Trustly provides a piece of software, which increases the convenience for the payment service user when depositing or paying online. When using Trustly, you initiate and confirm a specific transaction that is then carried out in accordance with your exact instructions and in compliance with security standards and applicable law. As a consumer and online banking user you have the right to choose the payment services provider that fits your needs best. This may or may not be a bank-owned service. Our obligations I you and the way we initiate payments and process sensitive data are explained in the user agreement on which our service is conditional. Trustly Group is a licensed payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and as a regulated payment institution is subject to capital requirements and complies with applicable payment services legislation including its liability clauses. If Trustly for some reason would process a transaction erroneously, we have to compensate the affected user. The type of service offered by Trustly is a so-called payment initiation service, a type of service which is gaining in popularity across multiple European countries and which by many consumers is preferred over other payment methods. One of the benefits of Trustly is that the execution of a deposit requires strong authentication, i.e. a transaction cannot be made unless you as a consumer provide your online banking credentials including the one-time code which only you know. These credentials are transmitted to your bank in order to execute the payment. Your credentials are not stored anywhere and in any event could not be used to initiate another payment given the dynamic (one-time-off) character. You are right to be security aware and cautious with your personal information. However, we want to ensure you that a Trustly deposit is just as safe as any other payment you make. Trustly complies with the same security standards, including data handling and encryption, as your bank.

  • 1.5% of the transaction amount + 0.25€ - up to a maximum of 9€. The minimum fee per transaction is 3€.
  • This sometimes happens even though it is rare. There is no need to worry when this happens. If funds were drawn from your bank account, the transaction will complete within 1-2 bank days or arrive back to your bank account a few days later. This depends on which merchant it is. If you keep getting the same error message, please reach Trustly via contact form with a screenshot of the iframe showing the error message.
  • There could be several reasons why a transaction has been delayed. Either way, the transaction will complete in 1-2 bank days. If there was an error it might in some cases be refunded back to your bank account after a couple of days, that depends on which merchant it is. If your transaction still hasn’t been completed in 2 days, please submit a copy of the transaction from your internet bank to Trustly’s contact form.