Real estate debt -
the leading alternative asset class

Estateguru is the leading European digital investment platform for short-term property backed loans. The company focuses on delivering sustainable investment returns with strong downside protection.

Invest in crowdfunded projects backed by real estate

With a decade-long track record delivering consistent results, Estateguru is a pioneer in the real estate investing industry.


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All loans are secured with a mortgage and subjected to complex, data-driven risk analyses by our team of seasoned real estate professionals before being released to our investors.


Mortgage secured investments

We only lend money against a mortgage on a real estate property at a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio that is set up in favour of our investors.

This means that, in the rare case where things go wrong, you have the peace of mind given by the fact that the property is worth significantly more than the loan.



Start investing with as little as 50 euros in real estate projects across 5 European countries.


We operate confidently with an EU crowdfunding licence, enabling business activities across Europe.

Risk Assessment

Leverage Moody’s Analytics Assessment system and comprehensive risk management strategies.


Rely on a 75+ strong multidisciplinary team of experts in real estate and finance.

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* Investing involves the risk of losing some or all of the money you invest.

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Expected return in 12 months:
€1,000 + €110
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