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  • Loan amount € 20 000 – € 3 000 000
  • Syndication period 1 day – 4 weeks
  • Loan amount up to 75% of property value
  • Loan period from 1 month to 5 years

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LOAN AMOUNT 20 000€ -
3 000 000€
20 000€ -
3 000 000€
20 000€ -
3 000 000€
20 000€ -
3 000 000€
20 000€ -
3 000 000€
LOAN PERIOD 1-60 months 1-60 months 1-60 months 1-36 months 1-60 months
INTEREST FROM 9% p.a. 5% p.a. 10% p.a. 0.7% per month 10% p.a.
75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
3%0%-2% p.a. 3%0%-2% p.a. 3%0%-2% p.a. 3%0%-2% p.a. 3%0%-2% p.a.
4 weeks
1 day-
4 weeks
1 day-
4 weeks
1 day-
4 weeks
1 day-
4 weeks

Examples of EstateGuru loans

  • Having bought a cash-flow generative building, the investor found the bank unwilling to offer funding until the change of use planning permission process had been fully completed. With our detailed understanding of planning permissions, the EstateGuru team were able to positively assess the project, and offer bridge funding for the client.
  • EstateGuru was able to assess and support a secured loan for a developer with a partly finished property. The bank had refused a loan based on the work still required to complete, whereas EstateGuru team was competent to review the progress so far and offered our investors the project for funding.
  • A developer applied for a loan to develop necessary infrastructure on his plot of land, using the land itself as security. With an understanding of the value of the land before and after development, EstateGuru was able to support the loan.
  • Our customer borrowed to fund a buy to let property, which later generated cash flow to service the loan and allow the borrower to access the capital gain on the property value.
  • Our client had applied for a loan to develop an apartment building, but was turned down because this was a larger project than they had previously worked on. By assessing the project plan on its own merit, EstateGuru judged the plan to be robust and offered secured funding.
  • Our client was a businessman looking to raise a secured loan offering the second rank mortgage of his private house as security. As the CLTV (cumulative loan to value) remained under 70%, EstateGuru team made the project available for funding.
  • A successful residential developer needed sale advanced loan. More than 2 MEUR was raised by securing the loan on unsold new city centre apartments . With EstateGuru’s support, the media coverage of the project generated mass contacts and resulted in immediate sales.
  • Banks and mortgage companies were willing to finance 50-60% of the market value of property. EstateGuru enabled the financing of up to 75% of the market value of property.
  • The developer of small residential project needed a loan with flexible terms to allow repayment of interest and principle at the end of the loan period (full bullet). EstateGuru risk analyses was positive and the project was funded by EstateGuru investors.

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