It’s like sunblock for your savings

This summer, protect your savings from the harsh heat of inflation and the rising tides of living expenses by investing with Estateguru, and you could win one of 18 €500 investment prizes.

All you have to do to stand a chance to win is make an investment into any project on the platform totalling at least €500.


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How You Can Win


All the investors who invest at least €500 in one project between July 18th and August 28th will stand a chance to win one of three €500 investment bonuses selected at random every week.

The €500 must be invested into one project but does not have to be with one payment. For example, you can invest €200 using Investment Strategies and €300 manually, which still counts. The more times you invest €500 per project during any one week, the more chances you have in the draw.

Earn Interest

Summer should be a time of beach holidays, bonfires, grill parties and carefree weekends, but this year, the rising inflation rate has many people stressing when they should be relaxing.

Throughout the European Union, inflation is taking huge bites out of people’s savings, and a traditional savings account is simply not protecting you anymore. Estateguru’s investors have earned a historical annual return of over 11% by investing in real estate loans secured by a mortgage on property. You can check out all the statistics here.

Why Should You Invest With Estateguru?

Estateguru is the most popular and reliable real estate investment platform in Europe. Since 2014 the platform has financed over 3800 loans and paid out in excess of €47 million in interest to over 130,000 investors.

You can invest in property-backed loans with an average interest of 11.04%. That has been the case for a number of years!

The average LTV, i.e. the number that represents the ratio of the loan to the estimated value of that property on the market, is around 59,7%. That is a manageable risk!

Estateguru offers you a solution to keep your earnings safe from the ravages of inflation.

The details of the campaign

All investors who invest at least €500 into any loan on the platform from July 18th until the 28th of August (28th is included) have the opportunity to win a €500 investment bonus each week. The €500 must be invested into one project but does not have to be done in one payment. For example, if your Investments Strategies setting has already invested €200 and you manually add another €300. The more times you invest €500 per project during any one week, the more chances you have in the draw.

PRIZE FUND: 3 x €500 per week. Total €9000

Draw dates:
• 25.07.2022 – Winners: EGU38729, EGU41725, EGU323038
• 01.08.2022 – Winners: EGU154887, EGU831050, EGU43199
• 08.08.2022 – Winners: EGU604526, EGU12402, EGU826716
• 15.08.2022
• 22.08.2022
• 29.08.2022

Winners will be announced on Estateguru social media channels (EGU numbers only), on the campaign page and via email.

Payment will be done one week after announcing the winners and winners will be selected from those who have made investments in the 7 days leading up to the draw date.

Please note: All prizes may be subject to local income taxation laws, depending on your tax jurisdiction. Please consult your local tax laws to determine what legal obligations you have in terms of declaration and tax submissions should you be selected as a winner.