Protect your money from the growing threat of inflation

Do you have a plan to combat the negative effects of inflation on your savings? We can help.

Estateguru has 152,866 investors who have earned on average 10.87% per year since 2014. The idea is simple. SMEs need credit. Investors work together to fund short-term loans. The best bit? Loans are secured with a mortgage on real estate. Invest in 8 European countries from just €50.


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How we can help you

You need a new, modern solution

Throughout the European Union, inflation is taking huge bites out of people’s savings, and the single-digit interest rates offered by traditional banks are simply not enough to prevent your money from losing value constantly, so why not consider building an easily diversified portfolio of real estate-backed loans?

Estateguru’s investors have earned a historical annual return of over 11%. You can check out all the statistics here.

Investing with Estateguru is easy

You don’t need to be a real estate or investing expert to take advantage of our platform. Our Auto Invest feature has three different strategies to choose from, so you can be as involved as you like.

Choose between the Conservative and Balanced options for complete automation, or set up the Custom strategy to your exact requirements and watch your portfolio grow. Read more here.

How does it work?


SMEs across Europe need fast access to credit to complete their projects and grow their businesses. Estateguru offers them hassle-free finance driven by the power of our massive pool of investors.


Our team uses cutting-edge technology and data solutions, backed by experienced real estate professionals, to analyze each application before releasing it on the marketplace to our investors.


Investors choose the projects they like and join thousands of others in funding these loans. They get clear repayment schedules and easy diversification across countries and different loan types.

Estateguru offers you a solution to keep your earnings safe from the ravages of inflation.