Instant Exit Program

To help you move loans out of your portfolio fast, rebalance your projected earnings, or simply withdraw your cash in times of emergency, we have created the Instant Exit Program which allows investors to instantly sell their claims against loans in the Baltic countries, Finland and Germany at a 35% discount on their outstanding principal investment amount.

How does it work?

The Instant Exit Program is a limited reserve created by Estateguru to facilitate early exit from loans for investors. It works on a first-come-first-served basis and the program will be replenished regularly as we recover capital from defaulted loans through the sale of collateral assets.

When money is available in the program, we will instantly buy any claim that meets the criteria stipulated in the terms and conditions of the fund from your portfolio at a 35% discount. You simply have to select the Instant Exit option where it is available, confirm the sale, and the money will be in your account immediately. At present this will only apply to investments in loans in the following countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany.

Selling through the Instant Exit Program is automatic and instant. It serves as a backup option to the Secondary Market for those who need a faster solution to exit their investments.

Note regarding defaulted loans: With a low default rate in our loan book and an efficient recovery process for defaulted loans, we always advise investors to be patient and wait for the process to run its course or sell their claims on the Secondary Market.

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Choose from different countries

For legal reasons, the program can only buy loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany.


Select the loan you would like to sell from your portfolio. If it qualifies, you will see the Instant Exit option. Click to sell.


Your claim will be sold instantly and the funds generated will be available in your account immediately. You can withdraw or reinvest the funds.


The Instant Exit Program will purchase full claims at a 35% discount to cover admin costs and replenish the program.

Available balance €-1,962.20
Average sale €74.02
Loan claims sold 1179
Outstanding amount €51,807.91

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The amount of loans constantly changes so if you're interested - keep your eyes on changes.

Instant Exit Program

  • Immediate sale
  • Quick liquidity

The Instant Exit Program is a special feature created by Estateguru to purchase claims from investors who wish to sell with immediate effect and are happy to do so at a 35% discount against their outstanding principal investment. The program is not intended to be a profit-generating instrument for Estateguru but is offered as a service and safety net to investors. It offers the advantage of immediacy over the Secondary Market, but your returns will be lower.

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Secondary Market

  • Can be sold with premium
  • May take more time to sell
  • Sale not guaranteed

The Secondary Market allows investors to sell their existing claims to other investors before they reach full maturity. A 2% fee is charged to the seller, who can choose to sell their claims at full price or offer up to 20% discount. Any claim can be sold on the Secondary Market regardless of its status and all returns are divided between the seller and the buyer based on their actual investment duration. The Secondary Market will net sellers a better return than the Instant Exit but the sale may take longer.

Secondary market