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When you refer a borrower to EstateGuru and they successfully take out a loan, we’ll reward you with 0.5% of their loan total. With loans available in five countries, the sky’s the limit to your earning potential.

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The bigger the loan, the bigger your earnings

As an EstateGuru's ambassador you hav e chance to earn 0,5% on every loan. Example ambassador earnings from loan value 160000

Ambassador fee: 800

Use this calculator to see how much you could earn, depending on the size of the loan.

Whether you’re an established loan broker or simply in a position to leverage your contacts in the construction industry, there’s no easier way to supercharge your earnings. EstateGuru has successfully funded hundreds of loans across Europe and our pool of over 43 000 investors is ready to fund even more. Whether your lead is looking for a bridge loan, a construction loan, or a business loan, EstateGuru offers the perfect platform to make it happen.

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Loans on EstateGuru are usually funded quickly, and the  process is easy and transparent.

Earn 0.5% of the loan total

Once your lead’s loan is funded, we’ll pay your commission. It’s as easy as that.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone (+372) 58166002 or send email to

Watch the interview with entrepreneur Vilis Krištopans on opportunities with EstateGuru

EstateGuru was founded by property professionals who understand the frustrations of dealing with slow financial institutions who often don’t understand the needs of their clients. We want you to spend time focusing on your client’s project, not completing stacks of irrelevant paperwork. You’ll get full support from knowledgeable people who understand the challenges.

Why is it good for the borrower?

  • Loan amount

    €20 000 - €5 000 000

  • Max LTV


  • Up to

    36 months

  • Interest rate

    from 7%

With over 43 000 international investors, both retail and institutional, EstateGuru is also the perfect showcase for your development. Our investors don’t just have tens of millions available to lend, they also regularly purchase a property they have invested in during development.

Bridge loan

A bridge loan is defined as a short-term real estate loan that provides the property owner with the necessary capital until a permanent solution for financing becomes available.

Used to finance:

Development preparation, property aqcuisition, sale advance, development exit, etc.

View examples:

Mardi loan, Tamme loan, Reinu loan

Business loan

A business loan is used to raise capital for day-to-day activities, business expansion, acquisition of equipment or goods, or to cover pending obligations (taxes, etc.).

Used to finance:

Refinancing, capital raise, restructe of assets, etc.

View examples:

Madara loan, Audru loan, Järvakandi loan

Development loan

A development loan is used to develop the property, ranging from construction work to excavation work, i.e. development of area infrastructure, including utilities and roads.

Used to finance:

Residential and commercial apartments/premises/buildings development(in stages), renovation, reconstruction, etc.

View examples:

Jõe street loan, Ringi street loan, Veskimöldre loan

Ambassador resource package

Here you will find all the required materials to introduce EstateGuru.

Still have some questions?

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone (+372) 58166002 or send email to