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Estateguru’s three automatic Investment Strategies are a simple way to invest in real estate-secured loans across Europe. Pick your strategy, add money, and watch your portfolio grow. It’s as easy as that.

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For those who place stability and security above all else when it comes to investing, this represents the optimal balance between average interest rate, collateral value, and a low-risk approach. This is the one to choose if you have the patience to build a portfolio at a steadier pace and like to keep things, well, conservative.


If you’re a more adventurous investor who doesn’t mind a slightly higher risk exposure because the rewards are spectacular, this is the one for you. Your portfolio will grow quickly and be more diverse. Just like the name says, the approach here is tilted towards maximizing your returns while still keeping security at a premium, the perfect balance.


For the more experienced investor who knows their LTVs from their collateral value and their bridging loans from their development loans, this fully customizable strategy will hit the sweet spot. You’ll be able to set up Auto Invest to meet your exact criteria, adjust it any time you want to, and exercise total control over your investment automation.

Investment Strategies User Guide

Investment Strategies is the next evolution of Auto Invest, which it replaces. We’ve removed the €250 minimum limit for advanced criteria, introduced three new investment strategies and wrapped it all up in a stylish new interface…

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  Ready to become a real estate investor?

What is Estateguru?

Estateguru is Europe’s largest real estate investment platform, with over 130 000 investors already on board. We allow investors to back real estate developments in nine European countries with short-term loans that are secured by a mortgage (97% first-rank). Our historical interest rate means you can stop worrying about inflation cutting into your savings and create a diversified portfolio. 

We believe that everyone in the world deserves the right to invest in real estate, which is why we work hard on removing barriers – financial and geographical – to allow you to choose where and how much you want to invest.

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High returns on secured loans

Our historical return on investment represents great value and unlike most other short-term loan products we secure all loans against the property itself which brings an added element of security. Add to this the historical reliability of real estate investment and you get total peace of mind.

Short-term results

With Estateguru you don’t have to wait years or decades to see the returns on your investment which means it is the perfect way to turn a profit quickly. Estateguru also allows you to invest in multiple countries, helping to geographically diversify your portfolio.

Total control, total transparency

With our range of Investment Strategies, you can be as engaged as you want to be in your own investment portfolio. Whether you want to micro-manage every aspect of or let our industry-leading automatic investing feature take care of the admin, the choice is yours.

154,951 investors have invested €688,932,351 of which €263,764,669 has been paid back.



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  Ready to become a real estate investor?