DebtCommercial - Other
Target € 1,650,000
Minimum Amount € 1,650,000
Minimum Investment € 50
€ 1,650,000 raised, 100%
100.0% Complete (success)

Lirokuja business loan

  • The loan will be used for purchasing a property.
  • As a loan collateral, the company offers an industrial building in the city of Helsinki.
  • EstateGuru security agent will have the 2. rank mortgage on behalf of the lenders
  • EstateGuru is the senior lender in the loan. First rank mortgage in the land registry covers the land rent payments to Helsinki city. The borrower has deposited rental payments for the entire loan period to EstateGuru's deposit account.
  • Loan will be repaid from refinancing by a commercial bank in 12 months period.
  • LTV (loan to value) ratio is 63%
  • Member of the board of the borrower will provide a personal guarantee in full mortgage amount.
  • The borrower will add 0,5% bonus annual interest for investors committing more than €20,000 (12%).
  • The borrower will add 1% bonus annual interest for investors committing more than €100,000 (12,5%).
Interest Rate 11.5%
Investment bonuses +0.5% from € 20,000
  +1.0% from € 100,000 NOT_DEFINED
Loan Period12M
LTV 63.0 %
Expires Funded
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