DebtCommercial - Logisitics/Warehouse
Target € 35,000
Minimum Amount € 35,000
Minimum Investment € 50
€ 35,000 raised, 100%
100.0% Complete (success)

Järvakandi business loan

  • The loan is used to increase the company's operating capital.
  • As collateral for the loan, the borrower offers two properties - a functioning metal workshop and an industrial land in Rapla County. 
  • The loan will be paid back by monthly payments according to the annuity payment schedule in 36 months period or by refinancing with a long term bank loan.
  • Member of the Board of the Borrower is providing a personal guarantee in the full amount of the mortgage.
  • EstateGuru security agent will have the 1. rank mortgage on behalf of the lenders.
Interest Rate 10.0%
Investment bonuses +10.0% from € 1
Loan Period36M
LTV 28.0 %
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