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  • €52,597,402

    Investors earnings

  • €638,278,676

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All loans are secured with a mortgage and subjected to complex, data-driven risk analyses by our team of seasoned real estate professionals before being released to our investors. See our statistics here.

Latest loans

11 open loans

Name Amount Interest Period Type LTV
#5758 Development loan - 4.stage
77.7% filled, 271 investors € 9,147 left
€ 40,945 10.0% 12 Mon Bullet 64.5% Invest
#1629 Development loan - 1.stage
52.9% filled, 729 investors € 96,095 left
€ 204,000 10.0% 12 Mon Full bullet 59.6% Invest
#4400 Development loan - 14.stage
83.2% filled, 474 investors € 19,368 left
€ 115,000 11.5% 12 Mon Bullet 57.2% Invest
#6438 Bridge loan - 8.stage
20.3% filled, 165 investors € 69,302 left
€ 86,902 10.0% 12 Mon Bullet 55.3% Invest
#2876 Business loan - 1.stage
28.4% filled, 881 investors € 251,210 left
€ 351,000 12.0% 12 Mon Bullet 69.9% Invest
#1231 Development loan - 9.stage
92.8% filled, 573 investors € 5,058 left
€ 70,000 11.0% 12 Mon Bullet 52.2% Invest
#2241 Development loan - 5.stage
52.3% filled, 325 investors € 62,622 left
€ 131,363 11.0% 12 Mon Full bullet 54.2% Invest
#0638 Development loan - 6.stage
55.7% filled, 377 investors € 26,554 left
€ 60,000 9.0% 18 Mon Bullet 58.6% Invest

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    You can invest as little as €50 or as much as you want. Deliver any “know your customer” information we ask and you can start building your investment portfolio.

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    You can browse all the property loans on Estateguru and get full background information before choosing the ones you believe in. Or if prefer a more hands-off approach, you can activate the Auto Invest feature, set it up once, and let our state-of-the-art technology make the investments for you.

  • 4. Syndication

    The financing round can be open for up to two weeks, as investors commit loans until the project target is reached. If it fails to attract sufficient funding, your loan commitment is returned to your Virtual Account.

  • 5. Funding

    Once we’ve carefully vetted both the borrower and their loan application and they’ve successfully met all our drawdown conditions, the funds are released.

  • 6. Payment

    The borrower makes repayments on the principal amount and any interest according to the agreed schedule. As an investor, you can monitor this every step of the way in your Portfolio. Once the loan is fully repaid the funds are released to your Virtual Account, from where they can be withdrawn easily or, better yet, reinvested in another project.

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  • 1 High returns on secured loans

    Our historical return on investment of 12.25% represents great value and unlike most other short-term loan products we secure all loans against the property itself which brings an added element of security. Add to this the historical reliability of real estate investment and you get total peace of mind.

  • 2 Short-term results

    With Estateguru you don’t have to wait years or decades to see the returns on your investment which means it is the perfect way to turn a profit quickly. Estateguru also allows you to invest in multiple countries, helping to geographically diversify your portfolio.

  • 3 Total control, total transparency

    With Estateguru you can be as engaged as you want to be in your own investment portfolio. Whether you want to micro-manage every aspect of your portfolio or let our industry-leading Auto Invest feature take care of the admin, the choice is yours. Regardless of how you do it, you can see every detail of every investment during every step of the way.

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