EstateGuru and Ober-Haus partnering to provide real estate market research analyses 22/11/2019

EstateGuru and OberHaus have announced a partnership that will see them produce shared real estate market research and analysis with a specialized focus on the needs of the crowdfunding platform.

A general and combined analysis of the three Baltic markets will be published once a year. Monthly reports of individual countries are set to be published monthly in the future.  

“As EstateGuru is one of the few crowdfunding platforms in Europe where absolutely every loan has a mortgage as security, it’s only natural that we have real estate experts in our team who cooperate with the best real estate companies in the industry. Ober-Haus has vast experience and is the leading expert in the market. When we combine these competencies, we believe we can offer the best quality loans and information to our investors,” commented Daniil Aal, Head of Group Sales at EstateGuru.

“Ober-Haus has always been a front-runner in the market and we believe that crowdfunding is here to stay. We see it as a substantial compliment to the real estate development tools in these changing times as traditional banks are not always that flexible and sometimes customers need other solutions. We, at Ober-Haus, see this cooperation as a perfect opportunity to be on the verge of the next era where there are more participants in the market besides traditional banks and real estate companies”, added Audrius Šapoka, Managing Director at Ober-Haus Lithuania

About Ober-Haus 

Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors is the largest real estate agency operating across the Baltic region including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors is a highly experienced provider of the most complete property services including residential and commercial real estate services, property and business valuation services, property management and has, since 1994, grown to employ over 260 real estate professionals in 20 offices across the Baltic region. From 2007 Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors is a part of Realia Group, the biggest service provider in real estate management and real estate brokerage services in Nordic and Baltic countries.