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  • EstateGuru investors can now sell their investments on secondary market


    EstateGuru launched its secondary market today, creating increased liquidity for its investors. By successfully creating the secondary market, EstateGuru has reached the next crucial milestone in its technological development agenda, with a variety of features set to follow in the near future. The secondary market can be used by all investors who are involved in

  • EstateGuru opens branch in Finland. Country Head hired.


    EstateGuru has grown rapidly since 2014. Besides the Baltics, the company has operations in Spain and Portugal, and by the end of this year, EstateGuru will also be active in Finland. “We’ve tested the market and witnessed that Finland is ready for our product. Investors are looking for good yields just as they are globally,

  • EstateGuru conquers Europe


    EstateGuru’s ambition is to claim €3-5 billion out of Europe’s total alternative real estate financing market during the next five years. Approximately 70% of SMEs lack access to credit and have identified this lack of access to finance as a major constraint to their growth (The World Bank, 2019). According to several projections, 12% of

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