EstateGuru investors can now sell their investments on secondary market 17/10/2019

EstateGuru launched its secondary market today, creating increased liquidity for its investors. By successfully creating the secondary market, EstateGuru has reached the next crucial milestone in its technological development agenda, with a variety of features set to follow in the near future.

The secondary market can be used by all investors who are involved in EstateGuru’s investment opportunities. From the buyer’s side – all registered and verified EstateGuru users are welcome to purchase investments from the secondary market.

“Although EstateGuru loans are short-term in nature, having an average historical term of 10,4 months, the option to sell their investments at any time is definitely an important add-on and consideration for every investor building their investment strategies. Having a wider variety of loans on the platform makes it possible for new investors to build diversified investment portfolios right away. Since the aim of the secondary market is not to fulfil the role of a trading platform, but rather to offer an early exit opportunity to those who need the liquidity, a 2% service fee has been applied“, commented Mihkel Stamm, COO of EstateGuru.

“Research conducted by EstateGuru among its 27 000 investors in July this year showed that liquidity is one of the major motivators that would generate raised investment volumes. EstateGuru’s team continue collecting feedback and ideas from our users in order to be customer-centric and user-friendly fully”, added Stamm.

EstateGuru has reached another important milestone on its technological roadmap with the launch of the secondary market.