EstateGuru Security Agent press release 31/05/2018

We wish to announce that Tanel Kalaus, who is the management board member of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ and, as an attorney-at-law, also the partner of Jesse & Kalaus Attorneys, the current sole shareholder of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ, will join as of 1 June 2018 the ranks of Law Firm TRINITI together with his colleagues Eli Lahesoo and Birgitta Ots. Law Firm TRINITI shall also become the sole shareholder of Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ.

This means that there will be no changes with respect to the activities or the mortgages held by Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ as the security agent for EstateGuru. All previous agreements shall remain in force and also the people who have represented Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ shall remain the same. On the other hand, in the future Estateguru tagatisagent OÜ shall, in addition to its current know-how, have also access to the knowledge of the specialists of Law Firm TRINITI.


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