Bank of Lithuania adds EstateGuru to crowdfunding operators list 09/07/2019

Bank of Lithuania adds EstateGuru to crowdfunding operators list 

As of today, EstateGuru is officially listed as a crowdfunding operator in Lithuania. EstateGuru has facilitated 105 loans amounting to 20 million euros in Lithuania since 2017.

“We’ve been operating in Lithuania since 2017 as our global investors have been looking for investment opportunities across the entire Baltic region, not only Estonia. Being listed as a crowdfunding operator by the Bank of Lithuania means that we can engage with Lithuanian investors proactively and share with them all the different investment options throughout Europe,” commented Arturas Konusevicius, EstateGuru’s country manager for Lithuania.

“Until the European Central Bank regulates the crowdfunding market, EstateGuru will proceed with acquiring local licenses in each of the operating markets. Lithuania has one of the few regulated crowdfunding markets in Continental Europe, and we are proud to be a full member of this market now. We are also in the middle of the licensing process in Finland, which we hope to finalize by the end of this year “, added Mihkel Stamm, the COO of EstateGuru.

About EstateGuru

EstateGuru is the leading European platform for short-term, real estate backed financing. The company has been actively operating since 2014, connecting an international community of investors and businesses by offering real estate backed investment opportunities for investors and flexible terms and speed of funding for businesses. EstateGuru has more than 25 000 investors from 106 countries and the total money lent to date is more than 125 million euro. For more information visit or e-mail us at