EstateGuru debt manager – Eric Noormets 30/01/2019

In January, EstateGuru’s made a very important addition to our team by hiring an experienced debt manager – Eric Noormets. Eric has a law degree and will be responsible for improving EstateGuru’s debt management procedures to an even greater extent. Eric has 15 years of experience in debt management both locally and internationally, and we have tasked him with utilizing these skills in representing EstateGuru investors’ claims during enforcement procedures.

Eric’s previous employers include Julianus Inkasso, OK Incure, Intrum and Ramirent where he managed an international debt procurement project that was carried out in 10 countries. EstateGuru plans to allocate significant additional resources to our debt procurement processes to improve the customer experience and decrease the number of loans in debt, as well as increase the speed of recovering funds from the repayment enforcement procedures.

Moreover, EstateGuru will take a more active role in educating our investors and encouraging them to make informed decisions about their portfolio, which also includes addressing openly and honestly the significant risks that apply (read more here). Eric will play a vital role during the debt management process which occurs when the realization of risks cause loan repayment issues.