Estateguru hits €100M for loans financed in Lithuania 17/06/2022

Estateguru, the leading real estate financing and investing platform in Europe, has financed loans in the amount of €100M in Lithuania and €580M across the group.

Lithuania followed Estonia and Latvia as the third market where Estateguru started to successfully operate in 2017. Two years later, Estateguru was officially listed as a crowdfunding operator in Lithuania by the Bank of Lithuania. Within five years of launching its operations in the country, Estateguru has financed 298 projects in the amount of €100M. Estateguru has 7125 investors with an average historical invested amount of €15276 in Lithuania. 

“Although we started as a very focussed local player, we see that the business ambitions of our local entrepreneurs have become more international in time and we see that our business model can really foster their undertakings. Estateguru is happy to provide guidance and help with finding both suitable partners and financing. I’m proud of our achievements here and the highly professional team we have built. We witnessed really high commitment and trust from our investors according to the results of our investor survey executed in May this year”, commented Arturas Konusevicius, Estateguru’s country manager for Lithuania.

Marek Pärtel, Co-founder and Chairman of Estateguru, says: “Lithuania has been one of the most successful operating countries in the Estateguru Group, delivering constant double-digit returns to our investors since we launched in 2017. Lithuania is a booming fintech centre with massive growth potential. Institutions would benefit from having exposure to this jurisdiction by joining our Senior Secured Credit Fund, of which the European Investment Fund (EIF) is a cornerstone investor. Our solid first quarter results and record level of assets under management demonstrate that, even in a challenging environment, the demand for alternative financing remains unchanged. Now more than ever, SMEs across Europe are looking for flexible financing options and reliable partners, who understand the specifics of the real estate business.”

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