Estateguru opens a technology hub in Armenia 10/02/2022

News provided by Estateguru Group, February 10, 2022

EstateGuru, the leading pan-European marketplace for short term, property-backed loans, has opened a technology hub in Yerevan, Armenia.

  • Driven by fast and scalable technology, EstateGuru is on a mission to make the EU property finance market more efficient and transparent and to offer a seamless, borderless service for both borrowers and investors, 24/7 and globally.

  • The company was founded in 2013 by real estate developers and experts on a mission to help entrepreneurs get financing and offer investors stable investment products at all times. 

  • Since 2014 Estateguru has expanded to offer investments in eight countries, facilitating more than €516M worth of loans and rewarding its 118 000 investors with €39M in interest payments.

The core of the business model’s success is in digitalisation, 90% of the company’s core processes are digitalised, making the company agile and efficient. The speed and flexibility of financing come from the loan origination technology, the automation of processes that would otherwise require manual intervention.

“We will continue to innovate and invest into our ambitious technology roadmap and, of course, the best talent. We use the latest cloud technology to ensure scalability, resilience and flexibility. Our top-notch product and innovation hub has always been in Estonia, in the homeland of unicorns. At the same time, we already found the requisite technical talent in Armenia as far back as 2013, and by now the industry is really booming there so we’ve decided to open the back-end focused tech hub in Armenia. Our team there has grown rapidly and consists of 25 professionals already. We really appreciate the high-quality infrastructure and the high concentration of the IT-talent both from Armenia and its neighboring countries. We also really appreciate the gender-balance we have there, as it’s not that typical in the industry. Our proprietary technology and superior customer experience are evidenced in our Trustpilot rating of “excellent””, said Marek Pärtel, Co-founder and chairman of Estateguru.

“Our team consists of 25 talents both from Armenia as well as neighboring countries Jordan, Syria and Iran. Armenia’s position in the region, as well as the infrastructure to attract talent, is solid and I’m happy to say that we’ve incorporated technology talent from companies such as EPAM and Energize Global Services. Security and data-driven innovation are at the core of our IT roadmap looking into the future. The security of our technology infrastructure is continuously reviewed and tested by an independent third-party security team that monitors our systems and scans for vulnerabilities. And we have the best talents of the region in our data science team to support our development deliveries”, commented Ararat Yuzbashyan, CTO of Estateguru.

“Despite challenges faced during 2021, Armenia’s tech and start-up industries are accelerating their growth. Numerous start-ups have shown thriving results over the course of the past year. Armenia’s context during the Soviet Union as a center of high-skill recruitment and education in STEM continues to provide a strong foundation as an innovation center. In shifting our gaze to today’s environment, the Government of the Republic of Armenia is devoted to focusing on high technologies as a source of opportunity creation. We value the critical role of unrestricted entry of both individual talent and international companies as the catalyst for our vision. As we establish ourselves in the global tech space, our ultimate vision is an Armenia viewed as the regional hub for technological advancement. With this aim, we extend a warm invitation to international partners, as invaluable to the now flourishing Armenian ecosystem,” said Vahan Kerobyan, Minister of Economic Affairs of Armenia.

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