EstateGuru opens branch in Finland. Country Head hired. 16/09/2019

EstateGuru has grown rapidly since 2014. Besides the Baltics, the company has operations in Spain and Portugal, and by the end of this year, EstateGuru will hopefully also be active in Finland.

EstateGuru is in the process of entering the market and has applied for an official crowdfunding licence in Finland in order to be fully compliant.“We’ve tested the market and witnessed that Finland is ready for our product. Investors are looking for good yields just as they are globally, and SMEs lack access to capital. So far we’ve financed some loans in Finland via our international platform and seen that investors’ interest towards the Finnish market is high and that confidence in the Finnish real estate market is solid. To execute our expansion plans, we need excellent teams in all of the operating countries. I’m delighted that Matti Vansen decided to join the team as a Country Head of Finland”, commented Mihkel Roosme, Head of Business Development at EstateGuru.

Vansen has been an entrepreneur for over five years. Before that, he worked for several law firms and attorney’s offices. Matti helped two leading crowdfunding companies for four years as a consultant and a financial specialist. He also founded a real estate investment company utilizing AI in the valuation process in 2017.

“I couldn’t have found a better place to employ my competences and experience further. EstateGuru has a solid ambition level which is internationally focussed and a very experienced and inspirational team. I love growth and disruptive ideas. I’m more than ready to contribute to the success story that will revolutionize the property finance space in Europe by making it more efficient and transparent”, added Matti Vansen.

Matti has studied law and economics and has two master’s degrees, one from University of Helsinki (LL.M.), and one from Hanken School of Economics (Finance as major). He has written two master’s theses about crowdfunding. Matti is on a mission to make crowdfunding more known in Finland and Europe.