EstateGuru Q3 results: revenues increased by 81% and loan volumes by 85% 11/10/2021

EstateGuru maintained stable loan volume growth throughout Q3. The platform saw an increase of 85% in Q3 when compared to the same period last year (from €28,4M to €52,6M) and revenues increased 81% (from €1M to €1,9M). The German market was the biggest contributor at €23,5M, followed by Estonia which accounted for €13,4M. We also witnessed a nice inflow of new investors, with a 10,4% increase compared to Q3 2020 (7777 new investors in 2020 and 8586 investors in 2021). 

2548 new investors joined us from the operating countries and 6038 from non-operating countries (the biggest groups from Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece). Our investors earned €4,1M of interest during Q3 2021 versus €2,7M in Q3 2020. We financed 248 projects in the amount of €52,6M during Q3 2021 compared to 194 projects in the amount of €28,4M in Q3 2020. The average return on repaid loans in Q3 2021 was 10,4%.

„One of the highlights of the third quarter was our completed A round of VC investment of €5,8M. The lead investor for the round was TMT Investments Plc, a UK VC, and a public company that was also an early investor in both Bolt and Pipedrive. Among other investors were the Swiss VCs Verve Ventures and Swiss Immo Lab, and J&T IB and Capital Markets, the investment banking arm of the Czech investment bank J&T. Investments also came from Austria, Germany and Cyprus. We have an ambitious technology and expansion roadmap for the next few years, and the success of this fundraising round will position us perfectly to deliver on this and continue providing all investors and borrowers with the very best real estate financing platform“, says Marek Pärtel, co-founder and CEO of EstateGuru.

“We are positively overwhelmed by the talent we attract, we are hiring at least 10 new talents across Europe monthly. So, our expansion plans are nicely backed with the best international talent as well as our ambitious technology roadmap“, Pärtel commented on the upcoming plans.