Senior Swedbank executive joins EstateGuru – Mihkel Roosme 27/02/2019

Mihkel Roosme joined the EstateGuru team in February, tasked with accelerating and driving EstateGuru’s international expansion along with strategic partnership building. Mihkel has gained vast experience by working in a variety of managerial positions for more than 15 years, the latest of which was at Swedbank where he operated in both private and corporate banking sectors. Mihkel’s role at Swedbank included leading the cross-border teams on both an operational and strategical level, which provided him with a unique skill set and industry insight that makes him a vital member of the EstateGuru team.

Mihkel has also led several consulting projects across Europe, related to change management, process efficiency, and business restructuring. He will aim to strengthen EstateGuru’s management team by bringing along his experience in people management, financing, and real estate development. When Mihkel is not at EstateGuru, he can be found on the volleyball court or at the airport, as his passions include sports, travel, and reading.

Mihkel believes that a background in the traditional banking and real estate development sector will enable him to bring certain unique aspects to the team.

Mihkel has been involved with several EstateGuru loan projects, from which he is currently receding.