My annual return on real estate loans 11,40%

Hi, I’m Aleks Bleck, founder of Northern Finance — the German P2P loans blog. Twice a week, I post new videos in German about increasing your income through P2P loans and ETFs.
I want to give you an outlook on the EstateGuru and show you how my portfolio on the platform currently looks like. Let’s start!

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What is EstateGuru?

EstateGuru is the most popular and reliable P2P real estate platform in Europe. Since 2014 the platform has financed over 2,700 loans and paid out €33 M in interest to over 96,000 investors. Most of the loans come from the Baltic States, but also more and more from Germany!

You can invest in property-backed loans with an average interest of 11,4%. That has been the case for a number of years!
The average LTV, i.e. the number that represents the ratio of the loan to the estimated value of that property on the market, is around 59,7%. That is a manageable risk!
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Ready to become a real estate investor?

This is how my EstateGuru portfolio looks like!

I currently have 67 loans worth € 50 each in my portfolio. So I invested a total of 3,200 euros. It is always very important to me that there is a cash flow on my investments. I was able to increase this recently, also because I invested more money!

That’s a very good sum for a month! The predictions for the next few months look even better: In June I should reach more than € 40 a month for the first time. In 2021 I should earn an average of € 23.60 per month. By May next year it should be € 21.60 per month. However, this is only the case if I do not invest more money than currently! But since I always reinvest my income and plan to deposit more money, the income will be higher!

Almost all of the loans in my portfolio (more than 98%) are senior secured. This means that if for some reason the borrower, i.e. the real estate developer, can no longer pay, I will be paid out of the proceeds first. If I were in second rank, I would not get my money until everyone in first rank was paid!

Conclusion: very satisfied!

I am very happy with EstateGuru. I invest in the company’s equity and also on the platform. I would like to expand that further! For me EstateGuru is one of the best P2P or real estate platforms on the market!

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154,692 investors have invested €685,314,150
of which €263,764,669 has been paid back.



Investors total earnings



Number of loans funded



Historical return



Average outstanding portfolio size



Investors from 106 countries



Average investors per loan


Should I invest on EstateGuru?

You should invest on EstateGuru if you are looking for P2P investments secured by a property, annual returns of more than 11%, automated investment strategies and a secondary market.

Is investing on EstateGuru safe?

Investing on EstateGuru is generally safer than investing in the stock market, investing in funds, or even investing on other P2P lending platforms that list unsecured loans. Your investment on EstateGuru is backed by a property and therefore real value.

Is investing on EstateGuru simple?

Investing on EstateGuru is simple and intuitive. You can either invest manually or set up your Auto Invest and let the tool do the work for you.

How fast can You cash out?

With EstateGuru you usually commit your money for at least 12 months. You have, however, the option to use the secondary market and cash out before the end of your investment period. You can sell your investments for a premium or discounted price. Sellers and buyers should know that this isn’t a trading platform and that if you sell your investments you will be charged a 2% fee.

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With this money, you can make investments or withdraw it to your bank account!

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