My annual return on real estate loans is 10,73%

Hi, I’m Jakub Krejci, the founder of the most respected independent comparison site about P2P investments in Europe – P2P Empire.

As a passionate investor myself, I have been investing on Estateguru since 2019 and have visited the platform on multiple occasions to ensure the safety of my investments.

Let me share with you what type of returns you can expect by investing on the best real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe.

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What’s my experience with Estateguru?

Estateguru is my go-to platform for real estate backed loans. My return on the platform is currently at 10.73% per year.

This is a great risk and reward ratio as all of my investments are secured by a first-rank mortgage, which means that even if a loan defaults, there is still a real asset that can be liquidated and used to repay my investment.

The platform only lists loans from Europe which decreases the country risk of investments.

Estateguru follows similar due diligence procedures to banks, in order to evaluate real estate properties, which makes the platform one of the most compliant companies in the P2P lending space.

Have a look at my latest Estateguru review to get more insights about the latest developments on the platform.

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Ready to become a real estate investor?

This is how my EstateGuru portfolio looks like!

Estateguru offers a variety of features for beginners who don’t want to spend time analyzing properties, but also for experienced investors who want to cherry-pick the best loans.

As you can see below, the value of my portfolio on Estateguru is currently at €14.268,73 which is diversified across 117 loans. From this amount, there are only 10 loans that are late, and 1 defaulted loan which is currently in recovery.

Тhis means that only 8.5% of my loan book is delayed and 0.85% has defaulted. That’s a very healthy portfolio quality in my opinion. The secret behind my highly optimized portfolio is a very conservative and educated approach to my investments.

Currently, I am using the “conservative automated strategy” with the option to additionally invest a higher amount into a loan that is either issued to a repeat borrower or backed by collateral in a central area.

Here is a sneak peek into the diversification of my portfolio.

You can follow a similar strategy to replicate my portfolio performance.

As I have been investing on Estateguru for several years, the monthly return from my investments currently ranges between €75 and €125.

If you are looking for a stable and very reliable investment, Estateguru is certainly one of the safest places to invest in loans.

Due to the current market conditions, the platform is offering even higher returns. Don’t miss out on those high yields, sign up today and become a real estate investor yourself.

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150,141 investors have invested €641,456,713
of which €263,764,669 has been paid back.



Investors total earnings



Number of loans funded



Historical return



Average outstanding portfolio size



Investors from 106 countries



Average investors per loan


Should I invest on EstateGuru?

You should invest on EstateGuru if you are looking for P2P investments secured by a property, annual returns of more than 11%, automated investment strategies and a secondary market.

Is investing on EstateGuru safe?

Investing on EstateGuru is generally safer than investing in the stock market, investing in funds, or even investing on other P2P lending platforms that list unsecured loans. Your investment on EstateGuru is backed by a property and therefore real value.

Is investing on EstateGuru simple?

Investing on EstateGuru is simple and intuitive. You can either invest manually or set up your Auto Invest and let the tool do the work for you.

How fast can You cash out?

With EstateGuru you usually commit your money for at least 12 months. You have, however, the option to use the secondary market and cash out before the end of your investment period. You can sell your investments for a premium or discounted price. Sellers and buyers should know that this isn’t a trading platform and that if you sell your investments you will be charged a 2% fee.

EstateGuru referral program

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With this money, you can make investments or withdraw it to your bank account!

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