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Updated: 18.03.2019

Since founding EstateGuru in 2014, we’ve helped property developers all over Europe borrow money quickly and easily, giving them access to reliable capital when they need it most. In parallel, our investors have earned market-leading returns on short-term property-backed loans.


Total money lent


Number of Loans Funded


Average loan size


Average loan to value

14.7 months

Average loan term of issued loans

9.9 months

Average loan term of repaid loans


Investors total earnings


Investors from 45 countries


Historical return

The leading marketplace for short-term property loans in Continental Europe

EstateGuru is the largest platform of its kind in Europe and already operates in five countries, with more to come. This cross-border activity offers our investors more choice, more opportunity, and better returns.

Growth (Loans vs Users)

We’ve managed to consistently grow our user base, which in turn has lead to a reliable increase in the number of loans serviced.

Each EstateGuru investment opportunity is backed by collateral We are currently holding €124,305,167 in collateral.

Collateral type

Security type

Why do people borrow from EstateGuru?

A short-term loan from EstateGuru is designed to meet a variety of niche needs with which traditional financial institutions are often unwilling or unable to assist property developers.

Loan type

Jobs created

We’re extremely proud of the fact that our loans not only finance the building of property but also change the lives of many people across Europe. To date, we’ve helped create a significant number of jobs, and we aim to keep going

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Loan Portfolio

Our approach to reliability is twofold. All loans are secured through mortgages, while our team of seasoned real estate professionals deeply investigate the viability of each project before we release it to our investors. This extreme diligence allows us to keep both payment arrears and loan defaults to an absolute minimum.