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Triin Jõeleht
Investor Relationship Manager
Tel.: (+372) 6412 777

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EstateGuru is a Nordic online peer-to-peer lending platform established by property professionals facilitating short- and mid-term property loans. The cross-border marketplace offers flexible terms for borrowers and premium interest to its investors. The loans of €20,000- €3,000,000 facilitated through the EstateGuru platform are secured against property with a maximum LTV of 75%.
The mission of EstateGuru is to provide hassle-free and flexible financing to property developers and entrepreneurs and property backed investment opportunities to its international investor base.

EstateGuru is growing more than 300% a year and has established itself in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with more than 510 loans issued amounting to €80 million. To date, EstateGuru has more than 15400 investors from 45 countries with a different profile.

In 2018, EstateGuru will be launching its lending platform in Ireland and the United Kingdom with several following destinations already under preparation.

Average historic interest rate of 12.2%, compiled with its 0% default rate on all loans are among the most attractive statistics in the market of p2p lending. Furthermore, EstateGuru exceeds banks in terms of speed of accepting the loan and flexibility in loan terms!

At EstateGuru we understand property deals and are confident that great deals always get funded!

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