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  • EstateGuru will enliven real estate market in Finland


    EstateGuru has grown rapidly since 2014, and besides the Baltics, now has operations in both Spain and Portugal. EstateGuru has a crowdfunding licence in the UK and Lithuania, and by the end of this year, will hopefully add Finland to that list. The company is in the process of entering the Finnish market and has

  • EstateGuru and Ober-Haus partnering to provide real estate market research analyses


    EstateGuru and OberHaus have announced a partnership that will see them produce shared real estate market research and analysis with a specialized focus on the needs of the crowdfunding platform. A general and combined analysis of the three Baltic markets will be published once a year. Monthly reports of individual countries are set to be

  • EstateGuru solves the problem faced by thousands of SME’s in Europe


    EstateGuru has financed 1040 loans to the amount of €153M since 2014. Geographically, 68,27% of them were in Estonia, 17,92% in Latvia, 12,24% in Lithuania, 1,37% in Finland, 0,1% in Portugal, and 0,1% in Spain. “Although the majority of loans are currently financed in Estonia, we’re witnessing an increased inflow of loan requests from Spain,

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