Новости и пресс-служба

  • EstateGuru conquers Europe


    EstateGuru’s ambition is to claim €3-5 billion out of Europe’s total alternative real estate financing market during the next five years. Approximately 70% of SMEs lack access to credit and have identified this lack of access to finance as a major constraint to their growth (The World Bank, 2019). According to several projections, 12% of

  • EstateGuru is now in Portugal


    EstateGuru has conquered another country and market as part of its rapid growth — Portugal. The first project in this country has just been approved and published on the EstateGuru platform. With the successful opening of the Portuguese market, EstateGuru has achieved the next milestone in its long-term strategy. «We want to become the leading

  • EstateGuru Receives Investment from Speedinvest f


    EstateGuru, an Estonian lending marketplace dedicated to cross-border property finance, has received the backing of Speedinvest f – a fund launched by Speedinvest, targeting Fintech investments across Europe. In a release, EstateGuru said that Speedinvest will support its geographic expansion across Europe. The amount of the investment was not disclosed. EstateGuru is a peer to peer

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